Motivation gives people the extra push to get things done. When you are struggling to do something, you need to encourage yourself in order to avoid giving up before finishing. And in case you desire to attain a long-term plan, you must set a clear and achievable goal in order to maintain your motivation all through.

Here are some tips to motivate yourself to accomplish great things

1. Build Enthusiasm

▣ Know Why You’re Doing This

Always remind yourself why you need to finish doing something. At times, you need some boost to keep you going on with any assignment.

Write down or mention out loud the reasons why you need to finish your assignment to make remind yourself why you cannot quit yet.

▣ Break Down the Work

Enthusiasm may additionally be built by breaking the task into smaller portions. Dividing the work into small parts makes it simpler to handle. Also, begin with the simpler tasks which you can finish fast to build momentum.

▣ Make the Assignment More Exciting

If you dread the work, you will find it difficult to begin. In such a case, determine how you can make that assignment more exciting.

You might accomplish this through including your friends or by challenging yourself in a different way. For instance, if you are revising for an exam, compete with someone and see who can score higher or finish faster.

▣ Promise to Reward Yourself Once You are Through

Whether it is a small achievement, congratulate yourself. You may go for a break after you are through, get yourself a snack, or you can even celebrate with your pals.

All these will keep you motivated and happy to keep working.

▣ Remind Yourself That Everything is Achievable

Giving yourself a positive affirmation pushes you to get things done. If you have negative thoughts about your work, remind yourself that it is doable.

2. Be Accountable

Motivate yourself


▣ Get an Accountability Partner

This is the person who will be checking on you always to ensure that you are on the right track. Preparing a schedule of your work is also important. It will help you to ensure that you finish your work within the specified time.

▣ Prepare a List of Duties

Put this list in a visible place. Once you complete a task, mark it as done on your list. This brings some little motivation and boost. Once you are through with everything, you will have a great feeling of satisfaction which motivates you to want to do more next time.

▣ Be Part of a Working Group That is Handling the Same Project

People who are doing the same work as yours can make you remain on track. You will get assistance from them, and they can praise you when you get something right which motivates you to go on.

▣ Plan Ahead on How You’ll Handle Setbacks

There are challenges in all types of work. Think about the challenges or obstacles you are likely to encounter and determine how you will handle them before you start working.

For instance, if your computer crashes when you are supposed to write for a project, have the contact number of a technician with you. Also, find out where you will borrow another computer which you can use while yours gets fixed.

3. Accomplish Long-Term Objectives

▣ Set Specific and Clear Objectives

It can be hard to motivate yourself if you are not sure of what you intend to accomplish. Ensure to set goals which are achievable. For instance, if you desire to travel the world, which part of the world do you intend to explore first? Or, if you intend to start a business, what kind of business will it be?

▣ Find People Who Have Attained That Goal Before

If there are people who have achieved a similar goal before, read their stories to get motivated. In case you know them personally, interact with them and find out how they made it.


As you pursue your goals, you may experience discomfort or uncertainty, but following the steps above and staying motivated will enable you to accomplish great things.

Wilson Benetton

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