Whether you want to become a New York Times bestselling author, world-changing philanthropist, or millionaire entrepreneur — we’re trying to achieve our BIG goals in very inefficient ways.

When we have a big goal, the WORST thing we can do (which is sadly what we all do) is try to figure out every single step and decision BEFORE we even start taking action.

When you do this, you’ll become overwhelmed and helpless which leads to you feeling small, incapable, and paralyzed — this alone will keep you from ever taking action.

But like my mentor Dr. Joe Vitale taught me…



The next step is ALWAYS revealed.

So if you have a big, audacious goal… a burning desire in your heart, then this video will reveal why you DON’T need to know every single step to achieving your big goals, and how you can effortlessly magnetize the exact opportunities you need to make massive progress in your life… with no stress or struggle.

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