What is that thing we call success? Is it about getting more likes on your next Instagram photo? Is it about getting into a handstand sooner than everyone else in your yoga class? Is it about earning more money and making professional progress? Sure. Success is all those things. However, it’s not limited to the things we see and show on the outside.

This is a multidimensional concept, people!

Ultimately, it’s all about growth. It’s about the person you become.

Certain habits can put you in success mode. They can make you more persistent and immune to failure.

We’ll list seven habits of successful people.

1. Meditation

You saw this coming, didn’t you? Meditation makes you mindful and aware. Many successful people practice it. To mention a few: Clint Eastwood, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, David Lynch… the list goes on and on.

When you hear Oprah speaking, you get the impression that she’s not just another mediocre TV show. She has an inner glow and a magnetic personality that get her guests and viewers in a special mood. That’s not because she was born as a great host. It’s because of the person she became. She achieved that status thanks to mindfulness.

Your daily meditation habit will practically change your brain. In a good way! In a way that sets you up for success.

2. Gratitude

Yes, gratitude is a habit. Think about this: you wake up and the first thought you have in mind is: “This will be a hard day. Oh, why did I have to get mad at Mom yesterday? I couldn’t complete the work because of that. Now I have piles of documents on the desk and it will be crazy.”

Rewind! Here’s a different kind of thought for you: “I made a mistake yesterday. I should just call Mom and apologize right away. It will be a challenging day. I’m grateful for it. I get a chance to fix things and move on.”

What do you think: what mindset will get you to a better day? No; you won’t have the same day regardless of how you feel or what you think. When you practice gratitude, you realize that things happen for a reason and you have the power to act. You start seeing the best in every possible situation and you act to make things better. That will surely make you more successful at anything you decide to do.

3. Counting to Ten

We tend to make wrong decisions when we’re emotional. When someone criticizes you about your work, they quickly bring you to the edge. You want to say everything you’ve been thinking about this person for a long time. It’s an inner drive that pushes you towards conflict. You get the thought that you should just quit the job. You should resist this urge.

Turn counting to ten into a habit. When you feel you’re about to burst, take a deep breath. Don’t make a decision when you’re emotional. Give yourself some time to meditate. You can still say the things that are bothering you, but you’ll do it in a much more graceful way if you don’t rush.

4. Writing

Writing is a great habit that supports the process of personal growth. Lena McLaren, a writer from Best Essays, agrees. “Successful people like Richard Branson and Bill Gates write because that allows them to connect with the audience,” – she says. “When you write well, you get better at speaking, too. You also learn how to share personal stories. You learn how to express yourself. That’s something that can make you more successful at any profession.”

You don’t have to write a book if you’re not ready for such a huge step. Journaling is enough. Your daily entries will help you see the progress. They will witness your success and they will help you acknowledge growth.

5. Learning from Failure

You won’t always succeed. You might not get that handstand right, ever. So what? Does that mean you should stop trying? No. You might fail, but you might also succeed next time!

Learn how to accept the failure. Learn the lesson it has to teach. Use that lesson to do better in future.

Look; failure comes in a package with living. You’ll face plenty of challenges on the road to success. If you want to succeed, you’ll have to learn how to move on.

6. Minimalism

When you’re surrounded with things you don’t need, you get your mind confused. It’s interesting how the desire to have more things doesn’t end when you get them. You still want more.

Why don’t you try to change this? Keep your clothes and lifestyle within the standards of minimalism. Get rid of everything you don’t really need. One shower gel. One foundation. One perfume. A capsule wardrobe. There’s no need for more.

When you get into the habit of minimalism, you’ll have fewer decisions to make on a daily basis. You’ll focus on the more important things. That means you’ll get successful at using your time to its fullest potential.

7. Visualizing Success

When you visualize success, you get more confident in your ability to achieve it! Let’s go back to that handstand again. If you take a moment to visualize getting into that pose, your mind is giving instructions for your body to follow. You get more aware of the proper movements and you can identify the mistakes you’re making. Even if you don’t get into the shape you’re aiming for, you’ll still visualize the perfect alignment next time.

Translate this habit to everything you do. Visualize the success you’re trying to achieve. Believe!

In its essential meaning, success is about reaching goals. Those goals aren’t all about work. You also want to learn more, read more books, make more friends… Ultimately, you just want to become a better person. That’s the success we’re all aiming for. Hopefully, the seven habits we described above will get you there.

Most people think that learning is the key to self-development.

It’s how we were raised – when we were young, we studied algebra, read history, and memorized the names of elements on the periodic table.

But once you grow up and experience life, you realize that you can’t ‘learn’ certain things – like personal growth.

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Keisha Blair

Keisha Blair is the author of Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons to Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity, and Happiness. She has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, the New York Times and many other publications.