transcendental connectionIn December 2004, I suffered from an unknown condition where I began to decline into full paralysis, partial organ malfunction, loss of skin sensation and eventually blindness within a short span of six weeks. My internal organs were in constant bruising pain. It was suspected that due to the severe paralysis, the muscles holding my internal organs had weakened to such an extent that it would impair most of my basic human functions including speech and movement.

However, two of my senses survived my ordeal: my mind and hearing. Although my mind was tormented by my experience, it remained conscious, aware and intact along with my hearing. It was these two senses that saved me.

Rather than allowing the hospital to tube feed me (a measure that was both convenient and productive for the busy ward), I insisted on clumsily and slowly chewing my food with the assistance of the nurses. Why? Because doing so allowed my mind to focus on an action, for my hearing to pick up the sound of small movements that I had made, and for my numb body to be nourished through my positive actions.

It was more than stubbornness. It was an act of sheer natural human desperation – a desperation to live, breathe and feel, despite the fact that senior doctors were convinced I would never recover to normal life (not to mention ever driving again). When I was eventually fit enough to be discharged from the hospital, I was still severely blind and wobbling my way around even after being on one of the best wheelchairs – the doctors called this a miracle.

Frustrated with my impairments, I started using my own biomedical and scientific background and knowledge to figure out the science behind healing. Although my healing was termed miraculous by the senior doctors, I was still not able to function as ME – so what was the point in living?

Fast-forward six years and today, I am driving. I am writing. I am speaking. I am living.

Did I recover overnight? The simple answer is no. This miraculous recovery was a painful, mundane and unglamorous life journey over a period of three years and I am still continuing to heal lingering pain to this day.

Using a very profound yet simple healing method that many historical spiritual teachers have quietly and patiently practiced over the years, I learned how to connect to the wisdom within myself and beyond, by using my focus and awareness to connect with, and speed up, my chosen desire – to heal.

There is no fancy equipment, wonder pills or miracle patches involved; the method (called Transcendental Connection) is a form of healing, enlightenment and awakening. It is non-religious, unbiased and universal and it allows us to heal ourselves by altering our state of consciousness. Ultimately, I have understood that in order for us to be healthy, abundant and at one with each other, we must invest time to connect our unique profile to the Universe and manifest its health.

Today I am teaching techniques to harness the power and development of human consciousness where physical and soul healing are concerned so that everyone can manifest an outcome they desire.

The experience which left me feeling desperate, alone and vulnerable turned out to be the biggest gift that the Universe could give me, so I hope that you too, can work through your darkest days by holding onto the truth that if we have our minds, we have the ability to transcendentally connect ourselves toward better health.



John Wong CW is the author of best seller “Awaken Your Healing Power”. A fully qualified molecular biologist, John is now pursuing a PhD in Metaphysics Counseling whilst devoting his time to share his experience to the terminally ill and advocating self healing awareness and healing connections to those in need. If you would like to find out more information about Transcendental Connection go to