Did you know that 1/3 of us are actually introverts? Did you also know that modern day society discourages us to have an introverted personality? And lastly, did you know that introverts possess an incredibly unique advantage?

According to author Susan Cain, these deep thinkers have the power to spark ideas, creativity, epiphanies and even revelations. But unfortunately, the systems or schools and organizations which modern society has designed today discourages one to behave in an introverted manner.

From classrooms to summer camps to boardrooms, we’re all expected to be constantly sociable, talkative and take overt action in order to get our¬†capabilities¬†recognized. But things were not always like this. Susan says the extrovert era grew alongside industrialization – there were social and cultural changes which saw the on-set of the fast-paced city life which has become the norm of today.

These days the ‘man of contemplation’ is less respected compared to the ‘man of action’. Susan however is out to change that mindset. She believes society needs both types of personalities to progress in this world. She even goes as far as saying we’d be losing ideas and great decisions if we took away the freedom to be an introvert. Since introvert Susan has experienced a journey in an extrovert world, this profound author is in a great position to tell us that silent thinkers can still be the movers and shakers of the modern world.

So tell us, can you relate to this? Is your favorite pastime on a Friday night curling up with a good book or entertaining the masses…?

FinerMinds Team

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