About 20.3% of Americans said that they fear or are afraid of death. Nearly as many (about 20%) are afraid of public speaking.

But if fear has so much space in your life, what makes you happy? If most of the time you are afraid of imaginary events, where does your happiness come from?

Well, you have only one life. It would be a pity to spend it worrying. Instead, make your every day count. Use the time you have for improving you. Use it for bringing happiness not only in your life but also to someone else’s life.

Make each day count. It is your opportunity for living life at its fullest. Because it is up to you how you behave, it is up to you to find the beautiful things in life that bring joy. It is up to you to take advantage of the limited time we have on this planet.

Let’s see how to use each day to become a better person.

1. Do What You Love

Everyone has an activity that loves to do. And if not, you should find it. Doing what you love every day will only bring happiness and positivity in your life. Ask yourself that question no one wants to hear for real.

If I had only a month left to live, what would I do? Well, the answer to this question is the answer to your happiness. Don’t you feel a better person after you manage to bring a smile on your face?

2. Spend Money on Experiences

There is a controversy regarding the answer to the question: Do money bring happiness? Well, the right answer is: It depends. Recent studies show that money spent on experiences, rather than on material things, bring more joy.

And we know that by being happy we are more open to helping others. And this makes us better humans. If you have the chance, buy that plane ticket. Meet other cultures and their values.

3. Laugh

It might seem strange. How could you start laughing at a clap of hands? Yes, it is not only about the genuine laugh. Studies have shown that laugh decreases the level of stress, conflict or pain. But, the most important benefit of laughter is the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are the natural feel-good chemicals the body is producing. They contribute to your overall state of mind, making you feel stress relieved and happier.

Also, your level of wellbeing will considerably increase. Of course, laughter connects you with others. And what a better way to relax and recharge your batteries than with your friends?

The connection you make with other humans makes you a better person because it increases your level of empathy.

4. Appreciate the Little Things in Life

Appreciating the little things in life means finding happiness every day. We all have good and bad days. But it is up to you to accept all the things that happen.

It is also up to you to be grateful for what you have. It might sound like a cliché, but some people are not as lucky as you. What happens to you, happens for a reason.

Just by changing the focus from your busy life will help you acknowledge how beautiful life is. And by adopting the astronaut effect, you can see that things have new meanings.

And you will make your days have different meanings for you.

5. Help Someone in Need

Don’t you feel a better person when you help someone? It might be your friend, a colleague or someone you do not know. Don’t you feel better when you have used the right words, and your friend started feeling better?

Or when a stranger smiles back at you? For example, you can help your friend with dissertation editing. Just by practicing acts of kindness you add more value to your life. Your life becomes more abundant and more meaningful.

6. Express Yourself

Everyone has a hobby. Let your inner child go wild every once in a while. Find some creative ways to express yourself.

Like this, your creative skills will improve. This will have a positive impact also on your wellbeing. Find that part of the art you can be good at.

You can draw, or you can paint. You can play an instrument, or you can dance. You can become one of the Ninja Essays and express your creativity through writing.

You can work together with edu birdie or domywriting reviews to create some beautiful essays on challenging topics. This will also decrease the level of stress and will shift your attention from your busy life.

7. Play

When you become an adult, the assumption you make is that play is only for children. Or that play can be done by adults only if they play with their children.

Well, find out that play has various benefits for your mental health. Whether you play football or just squash, the spirit of competition is within you.

Of course, you do not have to do sports in order to play. There are a lot of challenging board games that will put your skills to test. And you will also make a bond with your friends stronger.


We all have bad days. We all sometimes feel that we cannot face those challenges. But those challenges are the ones that improve us, that make us better. If you focus your attention on the negative parts of life, you will miss some fantastic experiences.

Be grateful for all the small things. Aim at feeling positive and expressing yourself through art. Do what you love because that will make you happy.

Help someone in need and bring a ray of sunshine to their day by small acts of kindness.

Each day is an opportunity to improve yourself and to spend the time so that you will be happier. The time you have on this planet is limited.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the positivity flow through your veins.

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