Take A Leap Of Faith

Do you find yourself on the edge of indecision? Sitting on the fence of possibility, staring out at new horizons, while clinging to all that you know?

I invite you to get off that fence and journey to the other side. There is an entire new life waiting for you, just over yonder. Unfortunately so many of us walk past this space of infinite possibilities in our daily rush to stay over-busy that we never have the time to make these types of changes or decisions. We brush off the idea of ever “going for our dreams” or having the life we truly want, because of the excuse that we’re just too busy. Sound familiar?

What would happen if you sorted through your life and just let go of everything that you don’t sincerely love with all your heart? What would be left? Probably just you, your dreams, some really good friends, maybe a little dog, and a whole lot of time to create.

I get asked all the time how I’ve managed to create a company that serves a higher purpose and also supports me to live my bucket list dream life. It’s simple. I love myself enough to receive this lifestyle. I am disciplined enough to take action towards what I want every day. I am courageous enough to do the inner work. And I am naive enough to know that anything is possible.

The scariest step you will ever take is the first step towards what you really want for yourself, your loved ones and your life. I remember the feelings of guilt that came over me my first 10,000 steps, as I would look back every once in a while at the people, things and types of experiences I thought I was leaving behind.

It felt like I was losing something; a part of myself. And you know what, I was, but the caterpillar can not become the beautiful butterfly without transcending its old body and way of life.

In order to have what we want, we must let go of what we have that does not support our intention. There will come a point in time where you will have that very same decision to make, maybe for you, today is that day?

I know I am at another crossroads in my life where I am making catalytic decisions that will affect the rest of my life. If you don’t go through the metamorphosis and embrace this journey of self transformation, then a small part of you dies . Ultimately, it’s a now or never decision. You know what you have to do…

Leap of faith

Is it scary? Not at all. This is the type of life I want to live. I want to live a conscious life where all of my decisions are moving me towards my own self realization and full potential.

I am on a personal dream quest to fulfill my heart’s desires and purpose in the world. I believe this is what everyone truly wants, but only the courageous are bold enough to get off their fence and wander where no one else has ever gone and nobody else can go. Only you can carve the path of your greatest dreams. This is your ultimate vision quest!

Along the way you will acquire the necessary tools that will support you through the challenges you will inevitably come up against. No hero’s journey would be complete without the battles of dark and light, this is the only way to conquer your fears and open your heart and mind to your fullest expression.

The outer roadblocks are just inner limitations within your very own consciousness. If you wish to open those doorways to new ideas, experiences and ways of expressing your soul then you need to put on your metaphorical swimming cap and dive deeply inwards. Not just once in awhile or on special occasions, but everyday!

It is your responsibility to your purpose to do the inner work and be disciplined enough to meditate, pray, contemplate, ask new questions, search for deeper meaning, look at yourself and your patterns, choose daily habits and practices that support and nurture your body, dreams, mind and spirit.

Your happiness and joy depends on your ability to say “thank you” during all of the challenges and triumphs you endure. Always remember to celebrate your victories and failures. All serve your life path. You must also recognize that you are completely worthy of having the life you desire. Accepting your awesomeness is a big part of the journey, remind yourself everyday.

Every moment is an opportunity to take a new step forward. Life is a vision quest and this is your walk of faith. It’s not an easy road, so don’t expect it to be. But I assure you this – to follow your heart each and everyday is the most fun, fulfilling, consciousness expanding, heart-opening real, raw and authentic thing you can possibly do as a human being.

There is no greater gift to your soul and to the world than to live your dreams fully. I assure you that the universe loves you enough to support each step of the way, maybe not in all the ways you want or ask for, but in all the ways you absolutely need in each moment. You are created from this infinitely expanding universe … you can do it!

If you’ve taken a leap of faith in your life, tell us about any obstacles you faced along the way, or if you have any questions for Brad, please leave them below.



Bradley Morris has a blast supporting people to live activated, mega-fulfilling lives. He’s launched multiple meditation eCourse that are supporting people in 20+ countries to create a daily connection practice they love, plus he's one of the top meditation contributors on Omvana. He also coaches conscious entrepreneurs to create and launch eCourses of their own, so they can free up more of their time, make a big contribution to the world and enjoy all the other stuff they love to do. He is an aspiring professional golfer, husband and world adventurer. He feels so blessed to have a human body and loves his “day job!” For more about him, check out www.BradleyTMorris.com