Do You Know Your Place In The Future of the Human Race?

Now and then, cutting-edge science unearths a discovery so important, it promises to forever change the direction of mankind’s collective destiny. Discoveries like electricity, airplanes, penicillin, telephones, and the Internet.

Stephan Schwartz
Stephan Schwartz

And after 35 years of intense investigation, Stephan Schwartz, one of the world’s leading scientists in non-local awareness, is prepared to add one more item to that list – a breakthrough that unlocks the true potential of the human mind.

But before you understand the power of your mind, think about your perceived limitations. If you’re like 98.4% of the world’s population, you cannot:

  • Predict with any degree of certainty what exactly will happen to you or your loved ones one year, one month, one week, one day or even one hour into the future.
  • Know what others are thinking of you – and by extension their intentions towards you, whether good or bad.
  • Foresee upcoming trends, challenges or happenings, whether on a local, national or global scale.
  • A vast majority of people accept these perceived limitations as a natural condition of their minds, and will sum it up with lines like…

Humans Can’t Fly, Can’t Lift Boulders, And Sure As Heck Can’t See Into The Future Either… Right?


Schwartz’s research has led him to an earth-shattering conclusion. Every one of us was born interlinked, interdependent, and with the ability not only to recall the past and observe the present – but to foresee the future.

Take a second and imagine the magnitude of that statement. Is it unbelievable? Far-fetched? Impossible even? If you didn’t know any better, perhaps. And for that reason alone Stephan has agreed to this incredibly revealing interview, where for the first time he shares information including:

  • Astonishing details about Project Deep Quest – the legendary experiment involving a submarine that showed that remote viewing and other such abilities rely on unknown forms of energy transference
  • Project 2050 – the unsuspected issue that Stephan sees popping up shortly regarding population explosion. No – it will not happen. Instead, we will have a situation of not enough babies being born… why?
  • Why Congress banned Remote Viewing. No – not because it did not work. But because certain members of Congress were afraid. But afraid of what?
  • How you can influence anything — even a single human cell — to do what you want it to do with nothing but mere thought.
  • PLUS: The stunning remote viewing experiment where 63-people gave an exact description of an event that made as front page news all over the world three weeks later. What was it?

Listen to this exclusive FinerMinds interview now:

Click below to listen to our exclusive interview with Stephan Schwartz on “Cutting Edge Science on Non-Local Awareness.”

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