Once again folks, what the ancients knew long ago, science is now confirming – you can use time and space consciously – to create the future you want. Sound a lot like the American Monk’s Quantum Jumping techniques? That’s because essentially, it is. Check out the info below of scientist Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet’s new book about what he calls “time openings” and consider how you might next ‘jump’ to manifest your best life. This info is from the author’s website, Jean-Pierre Granier-Malet, and we’re reprinting it here for you in full.

Change your Future through Time Openings

In his new book Change Your Future Through Time Openings, award winning physicistJean-Pierre Garnier-Malet, PhD, father of the Doubling Theory, builds on his discoveries that bridge the gap between physics and metaphysics claiming that individuals can use the properties of time and space to shape their futures and ultimately the future of humanity.

“Time Doubling” – the Ancients all Knew This

Time doubling was well known by ancient cultures. The Greek alphabet replicates its movement, the Mayan calendar derives from it, the disposition of the Egyptian Pyramids and of Stonehenge’s bluestone pillars represents it, the ancient Chinese Yin Yang symbol depicts it. In addition, this notion was perfectly well known to Plato who states in Timeas-Critias: “These are the divisions of time.” Ancient civilizations, each in their own way, left behind traces of this knowledge for current generations that is the key to the survival of humanity.

Imagine being able to explore the future, bringing back information needed to shape the present. Imagine having a double in a different time and space. What if you were two, unaware of each other’s existence, yet sharing the common goal of a better life? This scenario is not simply imagination or science fiction. It is the fruit of alternate realities rooted in science.

“I needed to totally change my way of looking at things to understand that the past, present, and future are in fact three simultaneous realities going by at different speeds,” said Garnier-Malet.

Persuasive Cases

‘’Change Your Future Through Time Openings’’ supports this theory by sharing persuasive cases, and inviting the readers to experience this unfathomable universe for themselves. The author demonstrates that by simply exploiting their sleep, humans are able to familiarize themselves and in turn master the phenomena of premonition, intuition, and vital instinct. In the process the readers learn astonishing properties of time and space that underlie and enhance these natural faculties.

Garnier-Malet also demonstrates that time doubling occurs in predictable cycles every 24,840 years and that humanity is currently nearing the end of such a cycle. Here, his scientific findings coincide with the predictions of a new era. According to the author of “Change Your Future Through Time Openings” it means that we can in fact shape our futures like never before.

Great news, isn’t it? So what are you going to do to shape your future though time doubling or Quantum Jumping? If time is all simultaneous, what other ‘you’ are you ready to meet in the ‘future’ in order to improve your life now? Share with us in the comments below.

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