Reverse AgingDo you get challenged by a lack of imagination, a stiff body (even more rigid beliefs), and the inability to dream bigger than just getting through the day? Have you lost your ability to see, feel and remember the magic of life?

If you say yes to any of these, then you my friend have become what society deems to be a “grown-up.”  Don’t worry, there is still hope, it’s never too late to grow young again.

Below is a list of ways to support yourself in reversing your old-aging process so your spirit will stay young forever!

1) Be Adventurous

Remember how fun life was when you were a kid? You know, the fun doesn’t ever have to stop. New adventures can be had everyday, it’s just a matter of choice. If you’re bored in your life, it’s because of your lack of imagination to create a good time. You don’t need money; you don’t even need a group of friends.

An adventure and good time can be had by all – and it starts with your choice to see life as an adventure. You are on a planet, flying through the Universe right now and life is a gift, which is never guaranteed, so adventure on my friend.

2) Do Something Sober

I remember the day I first drank alcohol and smoked pot. I had a great time. I had such a good time that for years my perception was jaded and I thought the only time I could have fun was to get intoxicated. This, my friend, is where I lost my innocence.

However, I have redeemed myself over the years because I have re-learned how to get high on life straight up! If you need a drink to loosen up, try meditating. You don’t need to smoke or drink anything to celebrate and have a good time. Start doing the things you used to do sober and re-claim your innocence – you deserve to feel young again.

3) Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Start saying yes more. If you start saying yes to all sorts of stuff you’ve never done, your life will be a non-stop action packed adventure. You won’t need to be entertained by movies because you’ll be creating a life much more exciting. Do stuff that’s out of your character, be spontaneous, go on short trips to new places. Invite new experiences into your life everyday and you’ll begin to see just how incredibly magical this life can truly be.

4) Create Your Bucket List

I’m not sure who said that you couldn’t be spiritual and have dreams or desires too. I for one, have grown so much over the years spiritually as a result of going after big goals, facing fears, checking things off my bucket list and failing along my way to success.

Now, I get to make a living leading spiritual adventures around the world to support others to live their bucket lists. I’ve got to say, the destination almost always rocks but not nearly as much as the stories you accumulate on your journey. Write out your bucket list (100 or more things you want do before you die) and make sure every job, business, vacation and pay cheque is aligning you with doing the things you really want to do. Forget retirement, live now!

5) Do Something In Nature (Alone)

I believe we get sick, depressed and crazy in the head when we lose our connection with the pulsation of life. We are made from the same stuff as the Earth and the stars, so doesn’t it make sense that we need to connect with them?

Some of my greatest healing and epiphanies over the years have come when I’m spending time alone in nature with just myself and my pure intent to connect. Nature is profoundly alive and aware of you.

Spend time connecting to the energy, allow yourself to receive the all-loving presence, even talk aloud, because she is always listening and responding. People might think you’re crazy, but at least you’re connected.

6) Get Naked

Somewhere along the way most of us have learned that our bodies are imperfect, funny looking, ugly and that it’s wrong to show people our skin. I say, “Let it all hang out!”  We were all born with sexual anatomy, so get over it.

Want to have a huge breakthrough? Get naked in front of a bunch of people. Go skinny dipping, streak a party or do something that exposes you. Once you’ve shown the world your goods you’ll never have to hide again. No matter what you look like – YOU ARE PERFECT (and I’d be happy to stand up and do the full monty with you anytime, anywhere!).

7) Find A Challenge

We have grown way too comfortable in our world. In fact, many in our culture are motivated to become as comfortable as possible. When we challenge ourselves to get uncomfortable we grow. When we’re in that constant state of growth we feel activated and alive.

Comfort is great but it equals stagnancy if enjoyed for too long. I am always creating challenges for myself to support my path of growth. My current challenge is to not be eating any processed sugars for a full year. I am feeling better everyday. I’ve had a sugar addiction since I was young so this is causing me to grow, and my health is worth it.

Want to take the challenge? Try committing to any of the above (whether it be creating and living out your bucket list, or connecting more with nature) and share your challenge below.


Bradley Morris has a blast supporting people to live activated, mega-fulfilling lives. He’s launched multiple meditation eCourse that are supporting people in 20+ countries to create a daily connection practice they love, plus he's one of the top meditation contributors on Omvana. He also coaches conscious entrepreneurs to create and launch eCourses of their own, so they can free up more of their time, make a big contribution to the world and enjoy all the other stuff they love to do. He is an aspiring professional golfer, husband and world adventurer. He feels so blessed to have a human body and loves his “day job!” For more about him, check out