Last week, in a response to a Facebook friend, I wrote ‘blessed are the weirdos’. Our dialogue has since triggered some deep thought that I want to share in this post. It’s about manifesting life on your terms, and friends – there’s no better time than right now …

Blessed Are the Weirdos

by Dawn DelVecchio

“Blessed are the weirdos” I say. Blessed are those of us who were ostracized, demonized and separated out as ‘different’ than the norm. Blessed are all those whose gentle souls could not and can not suffer the face of war, hate, petty tyranny, vengeance, cliquish groups, toxic foods, racist, sexist and classist oppression, natural resource pillaging and nonsense politicking.

As a child I, like so many now awakening, was given derogatory monikers like ‘weirdo,’ ‘freak’, ‘strange’ and ‘difficult non-conformist’ by peers, teachers and even some family members. Fortunately I found an occasional ‘freak’ like me here and there as I grew. Still, it wasn’t an easy road back then. And for many still, the road remains difficult, with conformity in the name of ‘normalcy’ encroaching into even our most intimate spaces.

It would have been an easier childhood and young adulthood if I could have fit in. But today, I think otherwise. No matter the ostracizing, bullying, and over-self-consciousness I went through, I wouldn’t change one darn thing about me then – or now.

Now, I’m the one feeling free, without fear, full of hope and clarity of mind – at a time that may well be the beginnings of our planet’s greatest darkness. Why? Because I – we – know the truth of who we are. We freaks and weirdos with hearts of compassion are, in fact, the way showers. And it is we who will guide humanity back to the light of a greater sanity.

Had we been ‘normal’, we’d now be lost in a miasma of fear, a la-la land of TV stupor, or prescription drug pain. Blessed are we, the ‘weirdos’ I say, for those who labeled us such have only done so from a place of fear, ignorance and the deep sleep of an enslaved consciousness.

If you resonate with what I’m saying, know that you are a part of the ever-growing group of people healing themselves for the betterment of all. You are on a journey which is much, much larger than your personal ‘stuff’. It’s a journey that will aid the entire human race and moreso – the entire Earth.

Know that all you do in an effort to grow yourself spiritually, mentally and physically serves the greater good because when you are happy, worry-free, healthy and whole, you bring that gift to all others.

So as my favorite astrologer, Benjamin Bernstein likes to say, “let your freak flag fly” brothers and sisters! Know your are blessed and let the power of YOU heal all!

Does this message ‘speak’ to you? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below :)

Many blessings,

Dawn DelVecchio is the author of our sister blog, The Healers Way. The mission of the Healer’s Way is to be a resource for healers and all others. This healing community of over 25,000 healers engage in dialogues to explore the latest information on alternative healing, energy healing, and the healing of humanity.

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  • Avatar Lercy says:

    I’am among freakish of freaks, and i absolutly love it; although not fitting into the “norm” is a little isolating; but im sure in time all well be well!! Thank you Dawn, you are truly inspiring:)

  • Avatar Martyjo says:

    I am totally resonating with this message, ready for the Dawn of a new consciousness…….hope the vibes rattle the proverbial ‘ cages’ of those sleeping souls enmeshed in the old mass mind consciousness…enough to free them!

  • Avatar Anonymous says:

    Love this site. yes, I am a freak I guess, but even that doesn’t save me from all the heartless jabs and nonsensical rantings of today’s society. Thanks for reminding me that I am part of the bigger picture and that what I do matters. Sending energy for a more stable world and an awakening of the people. :)) Blessed Be.

  • Hi Dawn:

    Thank you so much for writing and sharing Blessed are the Weirdos.

    I haven’t heard the word weirdo in many many years but I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I struggled with conformity issues most of my life until I realized the immense pain and suffering I was experiencing was, ironically, self perpetuated and completely unnecessary.

    Your post is healing and encouraging!

    Thanks again for turning me on to this positive and comforting forum and helping me connect.


  • Avatar Denisewiens says:

    As always, Dawn, your light shines, and how fitting is your name…Dawn, as in the light of a new day. Thanks for what you do and who you are, and for these words of inspiration

  • Avatar Carlaatejada says:

    Wow – this soooo speeks to me. I wave my freak flag with pride. I feel very fortunate to be one of the (ever-growing) few that have the courage to be different and be at the fore-front of a changing beautiful world.

  • Avatar kootzie says:

    Blessed are the Weirdo-blessers.
    Thank you for this wonderful affirmation…

    I appreciate the cool funky non-conformist creative loving affectionate peeps I sometimes
    hang out with…

    I sometimes feel meta-weird – like I don’t really fit in even with the weirdos, and given how
    openly and easily they interact with each other, it is clear that the dysfunctional disconnect
    lies fully within me. I often feel more lonely with the peeps (with whom I relate and hope to
    connect more deeply) than with the civilians (with whom I get along but don’t expect to really

    I didn’t struggle much with this as a kid, I recognized I was soooo uncool and out of the loop
    that I never chose the “trying harder” or the “Oh Yeah! I’ll show you!” dynamics.
    Now that I am choosing to be more proactively engaged, I have some attachment to being
    successful at it, but obviously not enough commitment to get past the “trying” stage.

    So, the muddling along continues…

  • Avatar France says:

    Thank you Dawn for sharing this important message. I am proud to be a weirdo! Ever since I was a kid, I have always felt a little out of place in this world, as if I wasn’t born at the right time or the right place. Somehow, being a non-conformist makes me feel a little smarter than most people nowadays, like I know something they don’t.

  • Avatar Mahima Kohli says:

    Dear Dawn, Even though I get what you’re saying my heart is screaming with pain. For the second time now I have my exams around the corner and every cell of my being is questioning the sense in pursuing a college degree. I’m SCARED. This is India, not USA. I have a constant monologue going on in my mind, my head has been aching , my soul seems to be crying. I have never felt SO confused in my life. Like i just don’t know where to go next :( I just turned 23 and I never though it could be so bloody scary. In my fnal year in 2010 I figured i couldn’t bear to be a part of the race, something felt odd about this entire idea of a college degree and inspite of being the smartest girl in my class i dropped my exams with the intention of dropping the degree. But then I was scared as i said…out here you find no jobs unless you’re a bloody graduate and its like a status thing…that’s how your intellect and ability and what not is judged! :( so I thought maybe i’ll have to fit in coz there was family pressure too. It ain’t easy when you’re constantly being told you’re going down the wrong road or that you’re just being a “lazy bum”. You wonder if you are “that!” And now this year when i have my exams right next to the corner I have again begun to question the sense in it all with “Great intensity”. I cn’t have a moment of rest. I need guidance but none seems to be coming my way :( I dont know whether or not I’d be brave enough to face the consequences if I really give up this degree, take not earning enough or seeing foolish people being given a chance over me for example :( I fee like a pendulum…nether here nor there. Could you Please HELP Dawn!!! :(
    If anyone reading this post has something to say that they think might help …please do so , I’d really appreciate it. And in much hope I do what i’ve never done earlier…share my id… its
    *fingers crossed*

    • Avatar Pegzpoo says:

      @ Mahima, You are where you are in your schooling because you chose to come here and do this. Have faith in your abilities. Your confusion comes from the fear that we all have of being “tested”. Fear not. YOU have what it takes and You will help many overcome. Peace

  • Avatar Adrian says:

    Hey Dawn,GREAT post, in the house of freaks I’m the Chairman (self appointed) in a dysfunctional society I’ve had to deal with all sorts of facist, sexist, racists etc etc At the tender age of 50, I deal with them understanding and compassion, I used to deal with them with venom, but that just made enemies, who knows, for the rest of my life, I might even make new friends, well the ones who have the ability to awaken.But those who don’t will think twice to tackle me again.

  • Avatar Revruby says:

    O.M.g. a breath of fresh air an oasis in the dessert! God bless you! I needed this so very much right now when I am bravely making hugh life changes that the masses, would never ever make. The AVERAGE! NORMAL! people that surround me can not relate. I just finished teaching a class on Women of Power, that so empowered me, the teacher, that I am stepping out into the unknown with complete faith and confidence in my freak flag! Thanks again! I am so glad that I was led to your blog just when I need it most P S yes Michael, the most unhappy times of my life have been when I struggled to be the person that others told me that I should be! I missed the beauty of the person that I really was. Amen!

  • Avatar Evone says:

    It speaks to me – loudly and clearly, this morning after Canada’s election. The numbers in the area where I live show quite obviously that I don’t fit in here with the 81% of voters here who did the traditional, non-thinking Christian Conservative thing.

  • Avatar Lorenzo says:

    I really know what you are talking about and it’s nice (well, sort of) that i’m not the only one who has gone through an experience like that and come out the other end a better person+ not wanting to change a thing!!!
    Blessed be we all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar Rekita says:

    Thank You so much for your empowering insight. I REALLY needed to hear this. Continue to inspire many, many people through your words of wisdom.

    God Bless you Love :)

  • Avatar soulmandala says:

    WONDERful! thank you!

  • Avatar Instinctively Healthy says:

    I wanted to read this post as soon as I saw the headline! I have recently awakened, and am battling fear and conformity. I no longer want that!! I loved this article, and it came at a great time. Thank you.

  • Avatar Pathy51 says:

    I loved!
    I am in!
    I am a weirdo and I am proud of it!!!

  • Avatar Rnldkmp says:

    This speaks directly to me. I’m still ostracized to this very day…and, I’m 53 years old! But, it’s only made me stronger, strengthened my resolve. And, that’s because I’ve come to realize along the way that I’m far more in tune with the REAL real world than many (if not most!) of those who ostracize me. Love this article, and thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Avatar Andreea Jurge says:

    You’re so true!
    Thank u for posting this!

  • Avatar rita says:

    It’s good to be a freak.

  • Avatar Tsureman says:

    Right Arm!
    Full on you are.
    In this world of the walking dead, it is good to know we who still struggle to remember,
    are not alone bu aret allone.

  • Avatar Jim says:

    Hello, hello!!!!! I’m a freak who spent most of or at least a good part of my adult life trying to “fit” in. As of May 5th of this year I have for 25 years let my freak flag fly! I’m doing what I always wanted to do when I was a young lad. I’m a male babysitter and home body man! I cook, bake, sew, garden, raise rabbits and still have time to take care of other peoples children. No I’m not married and I do not have any female help. And who says a man can’t do these things. Everyone thought I was a …well I won’t say what they thought of me. No I’m not gay either. Two marriages and six kids!! 62 years old and freak’en happy as hell!!

  • Avatar Deeidre says:

    Being eccentric is really cool when you own it. Eccentrics have always been my favorite people and I’m proud to say I’ve become one! Thanks for your inspiration oh Visionary One:))))

  • Avatar Sweetnut says:

    To celebrate the ‘freakiness’ in me I named my creative pseudonym ‘Sweetnut’…you can see samples at

  • Avatar Planetmel007 says:

    oh yea i am a freak and in High School in our Year Book they made a new item , Class Freak , just for me and of course i won it along with Frank a clever boffin . I am PRO-PEACE, I was against the Vietnam War or all these wars for that matter , and i was called a comi pinko cause in the 70’s they were fighting against their own children just because we wanted PEACE and we wanted our guys brought home safe , but after they killed Kenedy it lasted 10 more years . It sounds like history is repeating itself and humans do not learn from their mistakes , DO THEY! It is Shameful , with all the damage human kind are doing to Mother Earth and our wildlife, air & water , i mean really who is the Freaks???????? PRO-PEACE! x

  • Avatar Arthur says:

    Thank You!

  • Avatar Groovybird says:

    I love this Dawn. I can totally relate! You are absolutely right. As we learn and grow we light the way for others to feel the joy we feel. It’s a great feeling! As Max Yasgur said at Woodstock, “I God bless you for it!” ha ha

  • Avatar BB says:

    Thanks for the article, but for some it’s not easy to just let your freak flag fly.  Seriously, if I did, I would probably get killed by people who wouldn’t even take the time to try to understand me.  I’ve come to terms with who I am, and I even love who I am, and so do my friends.  But it’s so difficult to manifest life on my own terms when I’m not living in a society that could handle it (most other societies in the world would also not accept me).  I don’t mean to be a downer, but it’s just so frustrating that it feels like there is no solution that could possibly work.

  • Avatar doyle says:

    Were are not weird!!! We are just UNIQUE!!!