It might seem that you make changes in your life all the time, or maybe you go the opposite way and resist any change to your routines or the way you live your life.

Either way, the idea of making changes can be daunting, even when you know that in the long run, they will probably lead to a good outcome.

If you’re a person who struggles to make changes and wants to find a simpler way, then take a look at these tips on achieving change without the stress.

1. Understand What You’re Resisting

Many of us don’t want to change the way we run things because we think we’re doing it the right way. The reason we don’t want to do it differently is because we think that’s the wrong way. In short, we resist change because inside us we feel it’s the wrong decision.

That’s a logical standpoint and to make change a reality we need to work out whether the alternative is wrong or whether it might actually be helpful to us. To do this, we need to consider our own course of actions from an outsider’s point of view, free from emotion.

When we realize that we are basing our resistance on a point of view, rather than a point of logic, we can begin to explore alternatives.

Sarah Mulligan, a development manager at Writinity and Lastminutewriting, said: “This rule applies in business and personal relationships. Seeing that our beliefs are just that–beliefs and not hard facts–are a good basis for discussing change and seeing if we can make a lasting difference in our personal circumstances. It’s not easy to do, but it is worthwhile.”

2. See The Bigger Picture

Often we get so entrenched in what we view as doing the right thing that we fail to see the damage we’re causing around us and to ourselves.

While it is difficult to do so, it’s important to see the bigger picture. This can spur us on towards making changes in our lives that benefit us in the present but also others going forwards. This ability does not necessarily come easily, and sometimes we require a friend or colleague to help us see what we’re missing.

Seeing this bigger picture is particularly true during times when life is a bit harder. It’s often during these times though that we can grow and change as individuals.

3. Focus On What You Can Control

Letting go of situations and problems outside our control is key to making a stress-free change in our lives. Admitting to ourselves that we don’t have the power to decide the outcome of every situation means that we will, eventually start making decisions based on the present and not on probabilities we don’t yet know. This radical change of thinking is crucial to a more relaxed, stress-free way of thinking.

Inspirational writer Douglas Clark, who works at Draft Beyond and LuckyAssignments, agrees: “It’s easier said than done, of course, but looking at what you need to worry about and letting go of the myriad of things you don’t, has the effect of releasing you from behaviors that lead to stress and anxiety in your life. This kind of life change is invaluable.”

Change can be a difficult journey to navigate, but by realizing that with every change comes newfound freedom, it’s well worth investing your time and your emotions into. Follow these few steps and see how a changed you can lead to a happier, less stressed, freer you.


Entrepreneur and content marketing specialist Martina Sanchez works at Research Papers UK and Gum Essays. She spends her time updating her blog with SEO tips and tricks, as well as her guide to digital marketing. Martina also writes articles on subjects connected to all things marketing.