Though every day is a hustle, the days you feel uninspired are the worst! Have you been there?

We bet anyone who works in marketing, designing, writing, entertainment, and other creative industries knows the struggle. One moment you are flowing with flabbergasting ideas, and in a span of an hour, you may find yourself blankly staring at the screen or wall.

You brainstorm to think of something ingenious, but things do not pan out anyway. You suffer from a blockage. And, this blockage doesn’t only apply to jobs and businesses. It can also be experienced in normal day-to-day life.

So, the question arises, how to overcome this hurdle? How to keep your creative thinking flowing when you feel uninspired? Addressing these questions, we’ve curated a list of ways that can help you beat the creative blockage and keep you motivated.

7 Useful Tips to Beat the Creative Blockage

You might not always have great ideas. But sometimes you have to deliver the work no matter whether it is 100% of your effort or not. In these types of situations, when you are feeling uninspired, try these tips to keep your creative thinking flowing.

1. Change Your Perception

Often the reason behind creative blockage is that we tend to think only in one direction. For instance, if you are trying to pen down a particular thought and you cannot find the right words, it might irk you. You may even force yourself to complete that thought anyhow.

But, that’s not how it works, right? Therefore, what you need to do is – think from a third person’s perspective. Sometimes, when you refer back to the situation from a different angle, you may find several solutions to it, like lawyers do (find different clues for a single case).

2. Take a Power Nap

As people say – sleep on the problem, and you will be able to deal with it in a better way. Similar is the case with creativity. If you feel stuck at any point of time and nothing else works, try taking a power nap.

A strict schedule and continuous work are tolerable for some people. But others need to take a break now and then to continue working with the same zest and enthusiasm. Besides, when you resume work after a power nap, you will find yourself oddly refreshed. And your mind will work in your favor rather than disappointing you.

3. Remove Yourself From the Situation

When you find yourself in a pickle, don’t fret! It won’t change anything. Even the artists on a higher pedestal find themselves lacking the inspiration to start something new.

Do you know what they do? They pursue a change of scenery.

If you have ever noticed any open coffee shops or food stalls, you can always spot one or two writers/musicians/poets/painters scribbling down their ideas. Removing yourself from your routine environment often sparks energy which further helps you to think clearly.

Besides, when you change your surroundings, you can always find a story or inspiration that can give a whole new perspective to your project.

4. Look Around for Inspiration

At times, it happens that in an effort of being creative, we pressure our brain to think extraordinary ideas. Instead, we end up with nothing. At these times, all we need to do is refer to past inspirations. Gauge the ideas and innovations that have worked before.

Jogging down the memory lane can enlighten you with many fresh ideas. The fashion trends of the fashion industry are a great example of this. Taking inspiration from the past and combining them with a fresh perspective seems to be a successful plan.

When you look around for inspiration and find a number of ideas floating, record them in a notebook. So that the next time you feel stuck, you can refer to it for help.

5. Have Your Favorite Meal

Believe it or not, food is the best cure to beat creative blockage. According to UCLA Newsroom, it was found that diet/food can transform both our mental function and brain health which is why, you might see a number of actors, fashion designers, writers, etc., being very specific about their coffee or any other beverage.

So, what better way to shun out that creative blockage than treating yourself with your favorite meal? Also, a happy stomach results in a more productive brain function.

6. Talk and Share

Spending all day sitting in one place with no human interaction is a job for robots. Humans, on the other hand, seek social interaction for inspiration, laugh and resuming working with a fresh mind. Besides, you never know how a small conversation with your colleague, senior or mentor can invigorate your creative juices.

You might even find an idea to your current work or future work just by discussing it with your co-workers/friends and knowing about their lives & work.

7. Switch to Your Leisure Activity for a While

To keep yourself creative and efficient, it is necessary to break out of monotony and shake out the proverbial cobwebs of work. No, we are not asking you to be careless, but to find some moments of leisure for yourself to combat the creative blockage.

What happens is while working continuously, jumping from one project to another, we drain ourselves too much. That’s the most common reason for the creative blockage. So, buy yourself some free time with no worries about work. Indulge in some games or any other activities that freshen you up to the core.

Final Words

Do not go in search of perfection. Sometimes, you may find it. But, the other times, obsessing over it would only rip you of your creativity. Instead, take a break and let the things follow their natural course. And, if that’s not your thing, then, approach to the project or work with a different perspective. Breathe, relax and continue!


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