Hooray! Joyful July is here! You’re halfway through the year!

Even though we are almost halfway through the month, there is so much more you have to enjoy.

The theme this month is COMPASSION. This means in addition to caring about, and caring for other people, you are good to YOURSELF.


The Sun is in the sign of Cancer until July 21st. Cancer is a water sign – which promotes a deep connection to your emotions, as well as your intuition. You will most likely feel more sensitive this month, as this sign gets you in touch with your deepest feelings.

Cancer is the sign of the Mother. Most likely, you spend a great deal of your time taking care of other people. The Cancer energies this month are teaching you how to direct those mothering, nurturing energies toward yourself. (This applies whether you are male or female.)


In numerology, we’re also in the middle of a 1 Universal Year. (2+0+1+7 = 10, and 1+0 = 1). 1 is the number of the Self. You are learning how to put yourself first, and make yourself, and your happiness a number one priority. You might feel selfish doing this, yet the Universe will show you that by taking care of yourself, you are better able to be of service to the world.


1. Nurture your body, mind and spirit

Your body is the beautiful vessel of your spirit. Have you been taking good care of yourself getting enough rest, exercise, sleep and nourishment? Instead of pushing yourself through your daily tasks, make sure you give your body the love and care you need.

Your spirit also needs to be nurture. Recreate, read, write, create, socialize – whatever you need to feel good – do it! Do not put off joy another moment.

2. Listen to your feelings

Your emotions will always guide you toward the truth. If you are dreading someone or something, that’s your heart telling you that you need to make some changes. Let go of the people and circumstance that no longer feed your spirit.

Alternately, if you are craving some new adventures or activities – listen to your heart. Yes, it is scary to do things you haven’t done. Or perhaps you think you don’t have the time or resources. You can always find a way. Tune into the wisdom of your heart.

3. Empower your energy

You are a bright and shining star! You are meant to radiate your light to lift the spirits of others, and light up the world. Yet, do you allow your light to be dimmed by those around you? Do you let yourself be depleted by other people because you are trying to be polite? Do you surround yourself with people who complain or bring you down?

Make sure you are keeping your energy light and positive. Connect with people who lift you up. Do activities that feel joyful. Do aura or chakra cleanses or meditation to help cleanse your energy. You can always ask your angels and guides to assist you in raising your energy and releasing you from any burdens.

If you do these three things you are sure to feel good!