Have you ever just wandered away in your thoughts, thinking about the point of life and your role in this universe? The human existence is a complicated matter, and the answer to most existential questions have never been found. But, are we supposed to wait for others to reveal the purpose of life? Or should each and every one of us try and define their own purpose and make sure to live in accordance?

The truth is, we’re all in charge of our time on this planet, and we need to make sure to use it the best way we can. Therefore, it’s important for every person to live a purposeful life. If you’re not sure what a purpose-driven life implies or how to live one, just continue reading. Here are the practical ways of living a purposeful life you’ll be able to start applying to your own daily routines and life philosophies.

1. Use Your Talents

Every one of us came to the world carrying a talent in our bones.

Some people are lucky enough to reveal their talents and be able to pursue them. Others, however, don’t get the chance to shine and showcase their gifts.

If you want to live a purpose-driven life, you definitely need to find out which talent has been given to you naturally. This innate gift of yours is a huge part of who you are, and you need to follow it.

Therefore, try to find out what is your talent and what can you use it for. Remember, talent isn’t only about music, dance or arts. You could be a talented communicator, craftsman or a spokesperson.

Follow your natural talents and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished a significant life goal.

2. Respect the Environment

It’s important to have the right mindset in life, to be able to live a purpose-driven life.

Even though the human race is the most dominant one, we’re not placed on this world to use others and make our lives better. On the contrary, we’re supposed to respect other species and the environment.

Therefore, you need to adopt a respectful lifestyle and make sure you take care of your surroundings:

  • preserve your environment
  • think about the planet
  • take care of animals
  • give love to nature

This will help you find a deeper connection to this world and realize you should preserve everything you’ve been given.

3. Find a Passion

Life is nothing without something that fires you up and makes you want to get up every morning.

We’re talking about finding something you feel passionate about.

But, how can you find a passion?

  • explore
  • change your perspectives
  • try different things
  • listen to your heart
  • focus on the things which make you happy

When you’re passionate about something, you’ll have the will and the energy to pursue it.

A passion is what drives us, gives us a purpose and helps us stay powered up and satisfied. It’s something we enjoy doing, care for deeply and fight for with our entire soul.

4. Help Others

If you’re lucky enough to have your life together, and you’re standing on your own two feet, it’s very important for you to realize there are so many people who aren’t that lucky and who could use a hand.

Helping other people is a rewarding and noble thing to do. It will help you feel better about the world and you’ll understand everybody is interconnected.

Therefore, try finding the people in need and:

  • donate to charity
  • volunteer
  • be there for your friends and family
  • show selflessness whenever you can
  • spread love and compassion
  • be open

Being able to make someone else’s life better is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s one of the keys to living a purpose-driven life.

5. Work on Self-Improvement

Some people feel that once they finish school and find a job, there’s nothing else for them to learn. This leads to them feeling lost, depressed and lacking a life purpose.

The truth is, every day is an opportunity to learn something new!

You should never stop learning and growing both professionally and personally.

Just be open-minded and seize any opportunity to develop, improve and become a better version of your self.

  • practice new skills
  • learn a new language
  • adopt new habits
  • explore the unknown

This kind of mindset will help you always feel great about each upcoming day and you’ll be able to enjoy it fully. You’ll feel like you’re completing your purpose and every day has meaning.

6. Set Goals

Every moment of your life should be revolving about a goal you’ve set for yourself.

Without a clear goal in mind, we tend to feel useless and disoriented. In order to avoid feeling this way, you should be determined about what we want to achieve, how and when.

This goal doesn’t have to a life-changing, extraordinary thing like finding a better job or saving the planet.

On the contrary, it should be something smaller but more meaningful for yourself.

You can focus on making a friend, learning about something you’re interested in, earning money for a travel adventure or adopting a dog.

The important thing is, you always have something that moves you ahead. Your goal is your guide, and you’ll be striving straight ahead to achieve it.

7. Remove the Unpleasant

We all have some things in our lives which make us feel uncomfortable or even miserable.

Very often, we feel we’re simply bound to coexist with these unpleasant things or people and there’s nothing we can do about it.

The truth is, however, there’s always something we can do about it.

Try determining and defining the things which make you feel unhappy:

  • a bad relationship
  • instances of your lifestyle
  • people surrounding you
  • worries

Once you define them, be ready to face them. There’s always a way for you to remove the unpleasant things from your life, you just need to be brave enough and make the necessary cut.

By removing the unwanted, burdening things from your life, you’ll feel liberated and ready to conquer life again.


The quality of your life is your number one priority but it’s only up to you to make it a purposeful journey. You need to work on self-awareness and life improvement to be able to enjoy life fully.

Follow the advice we’ve given you above and find a purpose for every day ahead of you. Stay focused on the right things and avoid those which make you fell down. Be the best version of yourself and never stop growing.

Connie Benton

Connie Benton is a passionate freelance writer and regular contributor for HR Software and owner Whenipost.com. She writes about work, millennial culture, and creativity.