This is #5 in Deirdre Hade’s 6-part video series, “The 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose-Filled Life.” Once you are finished with all seven videos, you will have a daily practice that will bring you calm, connection and balance. You can view all of Deirdre’s posts here.

Why live in service? Why is service important? Service is important because when you’re in service, you’re in love. You are giving love, and you’re receiving love, and it’s the most intoxicating, uplifting place to be. When you are spiritually connected, when you are living a purpose-filled life, you are in service.

Whether you want to be a teacher, a mother, or even a millionaire, when you are in the integrity of your core value, your virtue, when you are in the love of your present moment, when you are living from the clarity of the Silent Watcher, you are automatically giving service because you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

When you become aware of this key of service, it boosts life to another level, because now you are conscious of what you’re already doing. It makes your service stronger and more powerful, and from this place, you can contemplate even more clearly the questions, “What is my purpose?” and “How do I direct the service I have to give so that it has the greatest impact?”

The 6 Simple Keys should be a daily practice. It doesn’t take long to see an impact.

Every morning when you wake up, connect to your Silent Watcher. Then connect to your core value, and then to your heart of the present moment and the central pillar of your consciousness. Then simply say, “From this place of who I am, my core virtue, I am in service to everything and everyone I meet. I am a creator, and today I want to create.”

Play with this. You can say, “Today I want to create a way to solve a problem at work. Today I want to create a deeper relationship with my friend.” You can say whatever you want to say. Just set your intention. Because service in action is an intention. Then go about your day.

Throughout the day, if you feel your mind starting to wander, if you feel yourself ruminating on the future or the past, if you start to feel, “Oh, I can’t do this! Who am I?”– look at all these obstacles as old patterns and go back to these Keys: Silent Watcher, core value/virtue, the heart of the present moment, your central pillar.

Then you remember, “Oh yes! I am here to give this service!” and you’re back on track.

It’s so easy. You can run through it in 30 seconds. You can do it while you’re talking to people or running an errand. If you need a private moment, just shut the door and do it very quickly. Practice and these keys will become the backbone of your spiritual connection. That is the key to living a purpose-filled life.

Deirdre Hade

Mystical visionary Deirdre Hade is the founder of The Radiance Journey. She is the co-author of The (not so ) Little Book of Surprises with her husband William Arntz, the creator of the film “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?,” and the author of the forthcoming book The 12 Archetypes of Eve: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Achieving Full Feminine Power. Her website is