From key philosophers to high ranking scientists, more and more evidence is pouring in proving that time and space don’t really exist. At least not in the classic Newtonian model. Instead we’re all just elements connected to one another. And just as we’re connected, we’re also a part of each other and a part of something much bigger.

I can’t explain this intricate and beautiful connection in just words, so I made a video. This video was inspired by a conversation with the mystic Gerald O’Donnell on the concept of the One Universal Mind (or O.U.M for short). Check it out:


As the Beatles would say, “You are me and I am you and we are all together”. It’s from “I am the Walrus”. YouTube it. Awesome song.

What I want you to do now is answer this question:

What experiences have you had in your life that gave you a glimpse of this One Univerasl Mind and of the interconnection between all of us? Experiences of synchronicity, inspiration, flashes of intuition, self-healing, and the list goes on. Share your moments of ‘tapping into the One Universal Mind.