Energy is who you are. The world, trees, grass, rocks, animals all have energy. The only difference is the speed at which the energy moves and the amount of energy each is capable of collecting. We have vast and endless amounts according to our ability to gather and dispense energy. We have the ability to create with our energy source what we truly desire. In other words we are given unlimited access to energy, and we create it through thoughts, words and actions.

Think about it, how many people do you know that think something and it happens? We really are the ones in charge of what happens. A thought given enough energy will show itself as reality – therefore be mindful of your thoughts.

You may often wonder, “How is it that the things I don’t want to have happen, happen?” The thought that directs the energy is the answer. “You mean, it doesn’t matter if I want it or I don’t?” Exactly, your thought still created it!

We must learn to stay within our own energy by directing our thoughts in what we wish to see. You can control your own life by learning to control your thoughts. Prime thought is knowing that the energy itself is neutral, your judgment regarding the energy are the limits you are also responsible for creating.

So why is it that we have thoughts that we do wish to create into reality, however they don’t show up? If there is doubt, worry, or fear, you are sending just as much energy into the thought therefore it will not show up. There is a tug of war with the energy so you move it back and forth so the balance remains the same. You must recognize without doubt what the outcome will be.

Movement Of Energy

In order to physically see thoughts in action, you must use different energy fields. I suggest you start with simple movement of energy, so that you gain confidence in your abilities.

Work with what you are familiar with. Spend time seeing it in your mind, smell it, taste it and feel it. See it as something you already have by placing it in the now. Tomorrow is not here. Yesterday is gone. All we have is this moment of time we are in. Be very detailed in all aspects of what you are seeking. The more energy you give the thought, the quicker you have it. When you are alone speak about it. Your internal self will hear what it is you wish to have and it adds energy to it. You can also add energy in action by cutting out pictures of that which is desired.

For example, one day while out grocery shopping for my family, I saw a very large and beautiful peace lily for sale. The sight of the plant brought a smile in the core of my heart. I walked up to it, looked at in detail, the curves of its waxy leaves, noticing even bits of dust, the stems so strong and firm. I touched the flower.

The soft round shape, little parts of yellow pollen gentling resting in the center. As I brushed one leaf up to another, I took the time to smell the fragrance of the clean moist dirt in the pot. My focus grew, I could see where I would place it in my home. Not even looking at the price tag, requesting the Universe to supply my desire, with no details of how this should come about. The whole process took only a couple of minutes followed by my going back to the duties of grocery shopping for my family – without the lily.

Release Your Thoughts

This takes me to the last part of the equation – once you have wished for something – release it. Do not give it anymore thought. If you hold onto it in the mind, it can not show up on the physical. The energy must be released. If you can not release it, the energy will just continue to build or it will burn out like a flame on a candle after all the wax has been used up.

After arriving home and putting all the food away, it was time to carry the trash out. As I walked down the sidewalk right there in front of me was a huge peace lily, not twenty steps from my door. I happily picked it up re-potted it with fresh dirt and placed it next to my fireplace where I had seen it in my mind eye only an hour before.

Remember the amount of energy in the Universe is endless. You are not taking something intended for anyone else for they too have the energy to create their desires and wants, just as you do.

If you also have examples of how you used your energy and visualization techniques to turn your thoughts into physical, please share them below. We’d love to hear of your experiences!


Rebecca Ann is a teacher of personal growth for over 30 years, a college instructor for meditation, dreams and healing, in addition to an online class facilitator for many well known authors. She shows original approaches to thinking inside the box, outside of the box and if the box is really there.