Life flies by at a fast-pace, to say the least.

More than ever, we suffer from the constant pressure to be somewhere other than we are now. We get caught in the illusion that if we don’t keep up, we will be left behind. This is so universally recognized that it has a common term for it: Overwhelm.

We have so much infinite knowledge and choice at our fingertips that is never-ending, we just don’t know when to stop, or even where or how to start.

We forget that there is more to life than search engine optimization. There is something even more significant than Google, it still starts with “go” though, have you got it?

God (the Universe, the Infinite one, Divinity, the Akashic records) or whatever you want to call the largest search engine there ever has been and ever will be. Quite frankly there’s one system that reaches the parts that other search engines cannot, and that is “Spirit Engine Optimization.”

It’s like that old age adage, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Life, or whatever you want to call it, will one day bring something to you so you can be the change you wish to see.

It doesn’t care about how long you spend searching, working, or trying to be somewhere other than you are now. It knows what you need better than you.

I do know exactly where it will start with you though, and that is at the place of self-love. 

So I am going to share with you three little stories about real people that I know, all of which had one very small but powerful thing happen to them that turned their lives around — and then I am going to share with you just one way for you to be able to ascertain that for yourself. 


The Tin Man And The Adopted Parrot

I have a friend, one that I worried about for many years. He became reclusive, to the point that he bought a van, not to travel in but to hide in the middle of nowhere.

There he lived in a tin van, in a tin shack, eating from tins, working on tin (his computer) day and night. Living in artificial light, cut off from nature, even though he’d parked right in it.

All he wanted was to settle down with a girl on some land and be self-sufficient.

But somewhere along the yellow brick road, he turned into the Tin Man, and as the road went on, he just seemed to become more and more, well, tin.

Then one day a parrot turned up on his doorstep. His friend didn’t want it anymore and quite literally dumped the parrot on him. He rang me and said that he felt torn.

He really felt for it (you see the tin man has one of the biggest hearts I know). And at the same time, he was scared of the responsibility of taking this passionate bird under his wing, saying to me that parrots have a life expectancy of anywhere between 50 and 100 years. Therefore it was an even bigger life decision than having a child. 

We joked that once again his manifestations had gone a bit screwy and he obviously wasn’t clear enough when he stated he wanted “a bird” (common slang in London for a woman)!

As the days went by he agonized over the decision to pass it on yet again, saying he did not want to add to the parrot’s abandonment issues and that he could not bear to think just how many would it have by the time it was 50.


And Then The Most Curious Thing Happened…

My friend began to see just how much the parrot was suffering in the tin van. He knew it was wrong to subject the parrot to life within a tin (within a tin), which was like a massive cage (but worse).

And instead of using this as an excuse to pass the bird on, the tin can suddenly become an infinite hall of mirrors for him.

He heard a different call from the parrot, one to change his life. 

I am glad to say that, within a few months, my friend met his lady and settled into his dream life of self-sufficiency (on their now owned farm!) in the country – taking his parrot friend with him.

Funnily enough, I was thinking about my friend, and whether to write about this story, when I posted my last blog. The next day I got an email from him (I hadn’t heard from him for months) saying he had read my last article. While he was reading it his parrot became very vocal! We took this as his parrot giving me his blessing to share this life-changing story with you.

There was also a young lady I knew who would not leave her room, or open her curtains. The light of life was just too much to bear. Artificial light was on 24/7, but real life was just too bright. One day she was given a plant, and over time the plant grew sick and beyond help. It was too late to save it, and it died.

This tormented her deeply, so she got another plant, opened the curtains and let the light in. That one act completely changed her life. Suddenly life started streaming in, and the more it did, the less she feared it.

Now she is living life, doing things she never dreamed were possible for her, opportunities are blossoming everywhere for her. Her plant is thriving too. 


So What One Change Has The Power To Make Your Dream Life Come True?

A prospective client once came to me because she was not happy. She said she did not want to invest in a course with me about self-love. Instead, she just wanted to learn psychic development.

I asked her why, and she said that if she were psychic, she would make the right decisions in life. To which I told her it didn’t matter how psychic she was. If she didn’t have her self-esteem, she wouldn’t make the right decisions.

She confirmed this. Every time she had made a bad decision, it was because she was in her lower self.

It’s not about investing huge amounts of time or money.

Or even developing your intuition, IF the motive is to actually keep you from addressing the very thing you wish to be distracted from. 

It’s about doing ONE thing — facing the very thing you fear. The shadow you run from, the place in the self where you let your abuse continue.

If you can’t see where that is, then bring something into your environment that will show you. Just make sure that it’s something you will care about enough to activate the change you wish to see.