Have you ever had a strong longing or desire to “throw caution to the wind” and just *do* something you’ve always wanted to do? It could be a desire to start your own business, ask your boss for a pay rise, go skydiving, to say hello to that person you really like…or just to get started at the gym.

Then suddenly, without any warning, you receive that terrible phone call. You know how it goes: “Hi, this is your unconscious calling. I just wanted to let you know, you “can’t” do that, its too dangerous / you can’t afford it /  you don’t have the time / you’ll embarrass yourself / it’s too risky – or any other number of reasons you can think of.

You know that feeling, don’t you? The one where you really wanted to chase that goal or desire, and you didn’t do it! The opportunity passed you by and now you just wish you’d gone and done it.

Our Thoughts Dictate Our Actions

It’s self-evident: how we feel about ourselves and what we think of our own abilities and skills, in many ways determines what we do and what we don’t do! And in some cases that can leave us with regrets and missed opportunities.

The ironic side of this is, we all have enormous potential and it’s just our belief – or rather our “lack” of belief in ourselves (that’s programmed into our unconscious) that holds us back in life.

Telling Your Subconscious To Shut Up

So … what can you do when “I Can’t” calls *your* name?

Changing your entire mindset with one question

Well the answer is not all that complicated, and, I first stumbled upon it by observing my eldest son, Josh
Some years ago I was teaching him how to kick a football (not a soccer ball, a football!). After about four or five attempts he was convinced he couldn’t do it. I asked him if he remembered when he first started learning to ride a pushbike, and just how convinced he was he couldn’t do it. Then I reminded him of how well he can ride a bike now.

So I asked him, “How did you learn to ride the pushbike?”

He replied with, “I really wanted to learn how to ride, and I just kept trying ‘till I got it!”.
Well then, I said, “do you really want to learn how to kick a football?” That simple question changed his entire mindset.

You Have Done So Many Amazing Things – Why Stop Now?

Each and everyone one of us has already done so many amazing things – like learning to ride a bike, learning to drive a car, learning to walk, leaving home and living on our own for the first time, learning how to talk to the opposite sex without making a fool of yourself (some of us are still learning to do that).  If you were to go back to any one of those times now, I’m sure there were a few “I can’t” moments in there, but you did it anyway.

We’ve just forgotten how to hang up on that “I can’t” call.

To get that skill back, we need to change the beliefs that we have about ourselves. We need to create new neural pathways, and destroy old limiting ones.

A good place to start is to remind yourself of all the times in the past when you received the “I can’t” call – and then just went out and did it anyway.

I like to think of it as the time when you hung up on “I can’t” and gave “I can” a call. I’m sure you can picture yourself doing this…can you not?

Then, start with small stuff – those little things that are just outside of your comfort zone. The reason this is so important is because, each time you challenge yourself, no matter how small it might seem, you create a new neural pathway, a new belief that “you can do it” and you rebuild your confidence and belief in yourself. Over time, your comfort zone will be expanding and you’ll be surprising yourself, everyday.

How To Expand Your Comfort Zone – Talking to your subconscious

If you wanted to speed up the process, you can also take advantage of some of the latest tools and developments in mind sciences and unconscious re-programming…and start rapidly turning your dreams into realities and results.

Examples of such tools of accelerated personal change are Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Subliminal Video Messaging. These kinds of technologies greatly enhance any self work that you do and significantly speed up the results.

By far the easiest of these methods (especially when you’re starting out), would have to be Subliminal Video Messaging – mainly because you can watch these videos on your own without any sort of learning curve, and it only takes a few minutes each day.  In a nutshell, subliminal videos “by-pass” your conscious mind and work directly with your unconscious (where all of your beliefs are stored), making them incredibly effective to create rapid positive change in the areas you most desire.


Oh! – one final thought, do you remember that little train that puffed away saying “I think I can, I think I can…”? Well if you have children then it’s a great story to tell them every so often. It’s called “The little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper.

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