You’ve gotten super clear about what you want to manifest.

You’ve made vision boards, said affirmations, and visualized yourself receiving the thing or experience you want to receive. You are even starting to get a little bit excited and feeling more and more that the new reality you want to create is coming.

It begins to feel almost solid and real enough to touch. A few days go by, and then a few weeks and nothing materializes. And then more nothing.

You start grumbling about how this stuff doesn’t work (or doesn’t work for YOU) and chuck your vision board into the back of your closet to gather dust.

The thing most people don’t know is that there is a tremendously crucial step for manifesting that most people skip.

It isn’t the part about getting clear about your intention — thanks to movies like The Secret, most people know how important it is to be clear about what they want to create and they get busy creating their vision boards to help them be crystal clear in setting the intention of what they want to bring in.

It isn’t that they forget to think positively or even that they don’t do affirmations. Lots of people do those things and get no new results. If you are one of those people, take heart! One little tweak can turn things around for you.

The crucial missing step is the very last step in the process of manifesting. Most people skip it.

The crucial step is letting go of the attachment to the result.


I can hear you saying, “But how can I NOT be attached to the result?! That’s the whole reason I DID all this manifesting stuff!” I hear you, but the problem is that when you are too attached to receiving a result, you actually send the opposite message out to the Universe.

When you are super attached to receiving a specific result and all you can think about is receiving that result, you start getting nervous. The more time goes before before your desired result manifests, the more nervous you get.

Pretty soon, the energy of your request changes from “this would be so awesome” to “Oh no, it didn’t work.” The energy around your request shifts so that it becomes less about the joy of having your desired experience manifest and more about the fear you feel that it won’t manifest.

So what do you do to keep from tipping the scales in the wrong direction?

Use this powerful, step-by-step manifesting process instead.

1. Clarify Your Desires

First, get super clear about what you want. Use whatever tools are helpful for you in doing that.

Use a vision board. Do visualization exercises. Have practice runs — go look at new houses like the one you want, test drive cars like what you want, etc.

Do whatever helps you get clearer about the experience you want to create for yourself or the thing you want to draw into your life.


2. Describe Your Dreams

Next, describe the thing you want to have or the experience you want to create for yourself. Write it out. Describe it in the first person as though it is happening right now. Be as specific as possible.

For example, if you want a beautiful new home, you would say, “I live in a beautiful, luxurious new home. My new home is spacious and has gorgeous ocean views…”

Continue until you feel that you have addressed every detail that is important to you about the new thing or new experience.

3. Practice (Preemptive) Gratitude

Activate gratitude for the experience of having what you are trying to manifest BEFORE it appears in your life by saying, “I am so grateful now that…” Complete the statement by reading your list from #2.

So you’d say, “I am so grateful now that I live in a beautiful, luxurious new home. I am so grateful now that my new home is spacious and has gorgeous ocean views…”

Sit quietly for a few minutes immersing yourself mentally in the new experience. Involve all of your senses. In the example of the beautiful home, imagine feeling the soft carpet under your feet, smelling delicious smells from the kitchen, hearing the sound of birds singing in the backyard, etc.

As best as you can, allow yourself to FEEL the emotions you would be experiencing in your new reality.


Be aware of how the emotions feel in your body. Is your chest lighter? Did your shoulders relax? Did you smile?

Take a mental snapshot. Imagine crystalizing everything you are visualizing and all of the feelings of satisfaction that you feel into one mental picture.

Open your eyes, get up and go about your day. Let go of the vision.

Think of it as putting an order into a huge storehouse in the Universe and imagine that the Universal Storehouse is working on it. At this point, you’ve made your request.

Consider it done. Go about the business of life. Turn your attention to the details of your present, daily life and do whatever needs to be done today. If you find your mind turning toward what you are trying to manifest, bring up your snapshot and say, “I’m so grateful now that my wonderful new reality has come into being!” and then go back to your day. Don’t dwell on it.

Thinking of it as a happy memory of your new reality tells your subconscious that it is already done, which helps to create it more quickly.

Remember, when you start to worry about the success of your efforts, it’s like cancelling your order in the Universal Storehouse — so place your order and then get busy forgetting it.

Using this manifesting technique will prevent you from charging your request with the negative energy of fear — and you’ll watch as miracles manifest in your life!