Depression has become an illness. Something that you must go to the doctor to solve.

The Google definition of depression is: “A depressive disorder is not a passing blue mood but rather persistent feelings of sadness and worthlessness and a lack of desire to engage in formerly pleasurable activities. A complex mind/body illness, depression can be treated with drugs and/or therapy.”

As most who suffer depression know, taking antidepressants doesn’t solve the issue; it only places a blanket on the issue and numbs out feelings. This observation been taken from feedback from hundreds of sufferers.

Harvard professor, Irving Kirsch, writes of the “The serotonin myth” in a peer-reviewed paper taken from many clinical trials that it’s not serotonin that affects depression at all.

The truth is, every human behavior has a benefit — even if that benefit seems ridiculous to most people. Depression and anxiety are the result of perfecting a state that we all use, all of the time. Everyone feels down at some time, and some feel down a lot of the time.

However, as any depression suffer will testify, it can’t and doesn’t last ALL of the time. All sufferers go in and out of depression. The reason is simple: depression sufferers have perfected that way of feeling, and use it as a place of withdrawing from the world and giving self-comfort.

Once this pattern has begun, then it becomes very difficult to withdraw from this method of dealing with issues that arise in life.

How To Beat Anxiety & Depression

One of the largest challenges for depression sufferers is the inclination to “defend” their depression. As it meets a lot of their needs which others will not or can not meet, they defend that they are “sick.”

This keeps them trapped into a cycle of despair and anger — which all depression suffers go through.

The solution is to awaken to this reality, and take control over the pattern by recognizing it as a pattern of behavior; something that is actually in their control. Depression can seem unsolvable and unmanageable and, therefore, people are stuck with it. But you can take control of it: whilst you may experience depression, you’ll begin to realize it is not the best way to comfort yourself.

The key is to recognize how beautiful you are and to move away from that internal voice which tells you the opposite is the solution.

This involves awakening to who you really are: a beautiful soul who can think, feel and make a contribution to the world. That you have something of value to give and that you are not a victim to it.

The way you think and feel controls the physiology of your body and the interconnection has become mainstream medicine. It therefore is ludicrous that the connection as not been made when it comes to the psychology and medical treatment of depression. 

Whilst drugs may have a stabilizing effect they are not designed to cure. To be free takes self-awareness and mental stability, all of which mindfulness  and spiritual practices can give.

Begin your practices with learning to meditate, and become self-aware.

Listening to and observing the internal dialogue you use to speak to yourself and control your day, combining this with Tai Chi or Qigong practices daily to move the Chi energy within your body, will begin your path to freedom.

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