Good morning

There’s affirmations, and then there’s affirmations!

You can say affirmations ’til you’re blue in the face, but if your general thinking is negative, and you don’t put your heart and focus into those affirmations, your results will likely be, well, less than positive.

Affirming on Auto Pilot

Kind of like being in church when you’re a kid, you can go through the prayers without really even thinking about what you’re saying. Affirming isn’t any different than praying when you’re on auto pilot. If you’re not present with your intention, you’re not available for the gift of what you’re affirming.

When Affirmations are Futile

You wake up in the morning and decide you’re going to kick start your day with some positive affirmations. “Today’s gonna be a GREAT day!” “I am enjoying living my dream life.” “I love my work.” Sounds good, positive, uplifting, right? Well, that depends on the rest of your day.

So let’s say after your affirmations you hop in the shower, and your mind starts to wander to things that feel less-than-affirming. You finish showering, get dressed, have some breakfast and get on your way – all the while your mind is flitting from judgement to arguments, to worry or annoyance. Maybe midday you remember to say another affirmation or two, but the majority of waking time – day-after-day – is focused on lots of things to fuss and worry over. Will your affirmations work, or are your efforts almost futile in the face of your daily volume of negativity?

If either of these descriptions sound like you, read on – there’s hope!

One thing that’s really helpful when you’re affirmations haven’t got much ‘umph’ is to actually use them to affirm your power to think positively.

Here are a few examples:

  • “I am in control of my own thinking.”
  • “I think only thoughts that create and fulfill the best in me.”
  • “My mind is constantly in tune with the positive.”
  • “I am full of great thoughts and positive ideas.”
  • “My thoughts are bright, cheerful and enthusiastic.”
  • “I consciously choose what I think.”
  • “I always choose thoughts that are most positive and beneficial to me.”
  • “All of my thoughts create healthiness within me.”
  • “I remember to think positively all day, every day.”

If you’ve dabbled in affirmations and are ready to give them a serious ‘umph!’ give some of these a try.

Add to our list!! We want to make a long list of affirmations for positive thinking. If you’ve got one (or more!) to share, leave a comment and let us know.