Awesome awe-inspiring August is here!

August is the most potent month of the year! The spiritual energies are SUPERCHARGED. This is an extraordinary time of transformation. The intentions and actions you set in motion now will impact the rest of the year, and most likely several years to come.

Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde (plus four other planets in Rx), and a 9 Universal Month of letting go make this month absolutely epic!


Eclipses always bring about major changes. They can have immense healing power, because they reveal deeply buried emotions and insights that can set you free. These eclipses are going to bring immense fire power to your life. The heavens are ablaze with fire signs this month, shedding light on your life in ways you hadn’t previously imagined. Deep truths will be revealed to you. Remember, the truth will set you free.

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

At exactly 11:11am PST on August 7th, the Full Moon will be eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow. This Full Moon will be in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius.


The energies of this eclipse are helping you let go of old identities where you feel you need to fit in so you can prosper.

During the light of this Full Moon, let go of your fears about being unique. Celebrate your individuality, and the rare qualities that only you have. The Universe is supporting you in this process, every step of the way.

Total Solar Eclipse in Leo

This is known as the Great American Eclipse because it will be visible across the United States. Yet, you can FEEL the effects of this eclipse everywhere in the world. On August 21st, momentarily, the Sun will be completely eclipsed by the Moon. Yes, for a brief point in time – the source of our life will be in darkness.

In psychic terms, this is like hitting the restart button on your life. Eclipses tend to portent major initiations. You are letting go a part of yourself that has been limiting you in some way, and forging some great new connections in your path ahead. This is a powerful time to set BOLD intentions to live BIGGER and BRIGHTER than you have dared in the past.


In additional to the eclipses, many of our planets will be in retrograde, including Mercury. This is no ordinary convergence of events in the cosmos. These astrological aspects are designed to get you in tune with your intuition in big way.

Here are three steps you can take to navigate this tricky spiritual terrain:

1. Let Go of What No Longer Serves You!

During this time of immense transformation, if you do not make conscious changes, the Universe will do it for you. It’s like rushing rapids after a spring thaw – the water can cleanse and exhilarate you – yet you must go with the flow. If you hold onto what is not benefitting your greater good, you will be impeding inevitable changes. There is so much goodness ahead of you!

2. Tune Into Your Inner Life

With so much emotional and spiritual energies swirling around, it’s important that you stay focused on your internal guidance. If you look outside for answers, or react to how other people are behaving (and they do tend to act a little erratic during this lunar activity), you can get thrown off course. Your inner eyes will be wide open even during the darkness of the eclipse. Your intuition will always show you the way.

3. Stay Calm and Talk to Your Guides

You will receive an influx of intuitive guidance during these eclipse portals. As you make the necessary changes that will help you live your soul’s purpose, your Spirit Guides will be showing you your next step. They will communicate to you through signs and synchronicities, as well as your feelings. Pay attention to your dreams and visions. They are clues for your destiny!

This is an exciting time for you. Make the most of these magical energies. Have an amazing August!

Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach who helps people align with their soul’s purpose and reclaim their intuitive gifts . She utilizes the unique spiritual blueprint encoded in your name and birth date to to heal your past, tune into your present, and decipher your destiny. With the assistance of the Archangels, she liberates you from self-sabotaging fears, beliefs and energy so you can fulfill your soul's purpose with joy and prosperity. She has become a go-to resource for people around the world seeking to discover practical tools for magical living. It is her joy to use her gifts to help you discover yours! Visit her at: where you can receive her free numerology guide