It’s been said that our every moment is abundantly creative and the Universe has been designed to help us live the most incredibly bountiful, happy and fulfilling life.

If that’s the case you might very well wonder why all your dreams haven’t come true.  Like now. Today!

And it’s easy to get discouraged.

It’s even easier to believe that not only are your Law of Attraction skills not supercharged, but that you’ve totally run out of power.

Your well of creativity has run dry. And worse, you’re fresh out of ideas of how to fix it.

You know you need to keep going, but you don’t know how?

The truth:

You’ll never change what’s going on around you, until you change what’s going on within you.

Remember that all that you see first found expression in the mind before it manifested in the outer world.

So here’s my 5 tips to get you back on track and supercharge your Law of Attraction skills.

Self Start Mode

Have you noticed that those times when things seem to be working well don’t always last very long?

That new love fades away, that seemingly awesome job doesn’t seem so awesome any more or your bank account swings back to the way it used to be. Lacking in funds!

For real transformations to take place and to stick, we need a complete change of mind. If you never change your mind your new life experiences can’t stick around, because you just keep returning to the same old mindset that created them in the first place.

Think of it this way, if your dreams existed in your current mindset you’d already be experiencing them.  That’s how the Universe works.

So, if you’re ready for your life to become magical, whether that means peace, health, wealth, love or joy it’s up to you to put yourself in self start mode by changing your mindset.  That’s the only action you need to take to get you on the right track to living the life of your dreams.

Create Your World the Way You Want It

It’s an absolute waste of time trying to change the outer world without first changing your inner mental world. The only reason we’re not happy in life is because our world isn’t happening the way we want it.

So if you’re concerned with what is being created in your life right now it’s incredibly important that you learn to create the right things in your mind. This is the foundation for creating your world the way you want it.

Otherwise everything in life will be accidental or haphazard…and why allow this when you have a real inner creative power you could be operating?

Every experience you desire exists only as a possibility, until you begin to mentally think of it as real, and live in it in your imagination as if it’s a done deal, that’s when you begin to call it into your physical reality.

Magnetize Your Mind

Being aware that you are a living magnet helps you to understand how you can be a magnet to all the problems in the world or all the amazing and awesome possibilities that exist.

It’s vital to be aware that as you line up all your thoughts in the direction of the dreams of your heart, the Universe  says ‘YES,’ and you automatically draw to you all the people and experiences necessary to fulfill those dreams.

The moment you ask “Will it happen, will it not happen?” Or say something like “It’s not possible for me” is the moment you demagnetize your mind.

This is the moment you are asking not to receive.  This is the conflict that will always stop your desires dead in their tracks.

And this is usually where the Law of Attraction is sabotaged by ‘operator error!’  And yes, you would be the operator creating the error.

Feeling is the Secret

Feel good.

In fact think as many feel good thoughts as you possibly can, as often as you can every day.

And you might well ask, why would you do this?  Because dear ones when you emotionalize your thoughts they become little magnets. They become your dominant vibration attracting things of a similar nature.

Never choose to feel anything that doesn’t contribute to your happiness, for those feelings are not only the causes of your actions, but also the circumstances and conditions of your life.

What would you be feeling right now if the world was reflecting back to you everything you wanted, and you could touch it, eat it, spend it, or do whatever you wanted right now.?

You’d feel good, right?  Well it works the other way around, if you feel good first  all those feel good experiences get magnetized into your life as experiences and conditions.

It’s good to remember that we don’t get what we want. We get who we are.  And who we are is a composite of all we believe and feel to be possible and true for us.  Which means you must learn how to think in ways that create the awesome life you want to live.

Learn How to Think

You can get almost everything you’d like in life if you would learn how to think.

The most successful users of the Law of Attraction have discovered a way to think that’s conducive to the fulfillment of their desires.  They’ve learned to think from the end result and not about the end result.

You arrange your mind in such a way that it only thinks the thoughts you want, regardless of your current reality.

For example, having decided to look for a new family home, my first thought wasn’t about where it was, or the price, or the size.  I simply decided to know we had our ideal home.

I didn’t worry about how this would happen, I wasn’t concerned about the exact location or price, because after all it was ‘ideal’ so clearly all those things were part of the ideal package.  I felt excited and happy as I thought about it.

My next thought was how easy the move was, and I had a sense of relief that we had chosen the ‘ideal’ movers to help.

It’s true that we didn’t have a place in mind at this point, but I wasn’t going to let a little thing like that get in my way!

I continued to create this vivid reality in my imagination, including as many details as possible, and feeling as joyful as I would if it were happening in my outer reality.

I practiced thinking ‘from the end’ as opposed to ‘about the end’ regularly and we were led to take all the actions necessary to make it happen.

Thinking from the end is thinking as though you’re desire was already true, and never focusing on how it become true.

Don’t Worry About How Things Happen

Not to many of us know how the engine works in our car, nor do we need to. If we want to drive somewhere, we just turn it on.  We don’t think about how electricity works when we switch on a light, and in the same way you don’t have to work out how something will happen in your life.

In fact if you already know how your dream is going to come true, then your dream isn’t big enough!

Change the questions you ask yourself.  No more  “How can this happen?” Or “What do I have to do?”

But a lot more, “What do I want.”  What outcome would I be happy with.”

I can’t emphasize enough that the only question that matters is the one that focuses your mind on what it is you want. Or the result you’re committed to getting.  This is the manifesting secret used by inventors, artists and authors throughout the centuries.  And it will work for you today.

Final thoughts

You might not be where you want to be today, but if you follow these steps, you’ll get closer every day.  Keep assuming the best about yourself and what you’re capable of and your life will express those beliefs as conditions and experiences.

Meanwhile, encourage one another.

Love Elle

Elle Sommer

Elle is the founder of Live Purposefully Now, a website that centres around spiritual, emotional and financial transformation. She’s on a mission to empower others to do what matters most to them and shares tools and ideas for manifesting positive changes to help create the best life possible. If you want to find success and love and be happier join her at Live Purposefully Now or on Facebook.   You can also get free instant access to her popular Success Simplified ebook for the tips, techniques and secrets of successfully living the life you want.