What would your life be like if you treated everyday like a vacation? Are you interested in living a more inspired, joy-filled, adventurous life NOW? Then read on my friend because this article, video and audio meditation are for you…

Oh yes, vacation. That thing that most of the world works 48 to 50 grueling weeks or 2000+ hours per year for, right? Why do we does this?? Why do so many humans bust their ass ALL year long for these couple weeks of exhale just to do it all over again? Is that not the definition of insanity?

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2005, and in 2007 after an awakening moment I committed to living my life and ONLY building businesses or working on projects that are fun, fulfilling, for a greater purpose and help me check things off my bucket list along the way. Well, we’re now in 2012 and I have lived that commitment everyday since and because of it, I’ve built my meditation and Spiritual Adventure company Cowabunga Life, I’ve traveled all over the world, taught thousands of people how to build a fun meditation practice and now I’m creating comedy videos online to help people “laugh themselves to enlightenment!” I fricken LOVE my life so much!


How have I created this for my life and how can you do it for yours’? To show you, I broke it down as easily as I possibly could with the seven simple tips below … I recommend that if your life IS NOT all that you wished it was you follow these steps to a tee and start making the necessary small changes today and everyday until you too love your life more than you could imagine. You deserve that type of happiness…

SEVEN THINGS you do when on a vacation:

–> You relax, let go and chill,

–> You go on adventures, play and have fun,

–> You give your body the rest you need,

–> You go places you wouldn’t normally go,

–> You stop talking about all the things you want or need to do & you actually do them,

–> You don’t worry about your job or stress about money,

–> You check things off your bucket list,

SEVEN TIPS to Live like you’re on Vacation:

1) Take a daily peace pause … step away, unplug, relax and connect back to you … meditation helps with this (listen to the meditation below)!

2) Play everyday in the best way you can … hang out with kids (like really hang with them & get into their world), go to some laughter yoga classes, take play therapy if you were suppressed as a kid, hang out with me or be courageous enough to be goofy and make an ass of yourself!!

3) Listen to your body, rest when it needs to & stop burning yourself out!

4) Venture off the beaten path, check out a new place every week, eat at new restaurants, take a new street home & say yes to new adventures!

5) Quit procrastinating and build the life you truly want, one day at a time … talking about what you want wastes time and energy … Dive in and do it, the only way you can screw up is by doing nothing at all!

6) Ask yourself this, “Does my worrying actually solve any of my problems? If you aren’t inspired about your life, you dis-like your job, you talk behind co-workers backs or you’re constantly stressed about money then try this one simple step … STOP IT (hahaha) & TRY THIS: Do what you love, love what you do and start healing your relationship with money and ‘work’ today! It will save you a whole lot of stress in the long run!

7) Do at least 5 things per week that make you come alive (watch video below)!

DO ANY OR ALL of those 7 steps and your life will keep getting better and more fun!


Then watch this video below!!!

Take your Daily Peace Pause … Meditate Below!!

This is an incredible meditation practice that will really shift your mood, state of mind and feelings. In this 15 Minute Meditation you simply focus on breathing a ball of golden white light up and down your spine. Eventually you bring the light up in to Source Light and down into the Heart of the Earth. Be prepared for a deep sense of peace as you practice this meditation…repeat as needed!

What are the TOP 10 THINGS that Make you Come Alive!?!?!? Write’m down below …. and thanks for playing Life with us!!!



Bradley Morris has a blast supporting people to live activated, mega-fulfilling lives. He’s launched multiple meditation eCourse that are supporting people in 20+ countries to create a daily connection practice they love, plus he's one of the top meditation contributors on Omvana. He also coaches conscious entrepreneurs to create and launch eCourses of their own, so they can free up more of their time, make a big contribution to the world and enjoy all the other stuff they love to do. He is an aspiring professional golfer, husband and world adventurer. He feels so blessed to have a human body and loves his “day job!” For more about him, check out www.BradleyTMorris.com