Have you felt the whisper in the winds of the world gather power lately?

Leaving you with the impression that there’s a way to get it together that comes from an intuitive place rather than an “I need to be more than I am” place?

My journey over the years has taken me from a life that was lived totally by listening to the winds, to one that battened down the hatches and decided to get on with my plans no matter the weather, resulting in one that blew my plans right out the window! This resulted in what I call my “Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz Year”!

Now where am I?

Looking back at the pros and cons of leaving life to chance, to control, to chaos, to completeness, if there is ever such a thing here on this Earth.

I am balancing out.

A life lived by the winds means you are open to anything and anyone, your will is not your own, and although amazing things can happen, your own self care and boundaries are left on the scrap heap until you have nothing left except time to change, at least that’s what happened to me.

And change I did.

I fired up the powerful will and determination I always possessed and decided to commit to making the most of my gifts. I changed my life. I became powerful, successful, an achieving machine than just kept going and going until the inevitable breakdown.

And breakdown I did.

Chaos and confusion spiraled out of control, so what’s the point of trying? Everything I achieved I unachieved – but the lessons remained. The lessons of living a life with no direction to living a life with too much direction.

Now I am balancing out.

This has been my 39th Year on this planet, a year known as the mid-life crisis, and yes everything blew apart. My Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz year took me close to Kansas, through Mexico, into India, porting in Portugal, skimming through Spain and back to the UK, my old home, but anytime I tried to go back to “no place like home” the UK picked me up and spat me out again this time, permanently, to Spain.

It’s been nearly a year since that tornado ripped through my life and now.

I am balancing out.

I no longer run my life by blind synchronicity or chance, just like I no longer run my life by setting goals and pushing myself to the extreme.

I run my life with an intuition no longer wired to drama, but plugged into self-care.

I’ve always had a strong intuition – but I didn’t always listen, especially when the message was for me. Even when not listening cost me a lotto win of 4.5million. And why? Because I didn’t feel worthy.

Now I know I am, and it’s thanks to the daily practice that developed through my catastrophic year, where I blew apart, my relationships blew apart, my home blew apart, my business blew apart. I’ve come through revived, with that which remains true on my path stronger than ever before, and it’s due to the practice that I formed over the year to keep me together.

Lately the whispers in the winds have been asking me to share my daily practice, and as they have, I have seen other leading figures show up and share theirs, we all hear the same winds.

The ones I have seen focus on a morning practice and although I agree that the best time for a practice to start is in the morning. The best practice is one that lasts the day. I can’t spend a whole day with you, but I will give you pointers on how you can keep it going throughout the day.

So below is the daily practice that means I can now live from a place of intuition, and why should you listen to yours?

Well, because since I have been listening to mine I…

  1. No longer put energy into anything that isn’t right.
  2. Have great clarity on my purpose, what it looks like and how to do it.
  3. Have an even greater faith in my path, despite what it may seem like.
  4. Have way less drama in my life and relationships.
  5. Can realize that bad luck is good luck and find the opportunity in it easily, rather than self-destruct instead.
  6. Am now the beneficiary of many a gift from the universe, free holidays, refunds, compensation, luxury furniture, all from so-called “bad luck” – the gifts just keep coming.
  7. Have found a path of deep peace and acceptance, without resignation.
  8. Have found a path of deep purpose and passion without pushing.
  9. All the parts of me and my path that have been scattered around me are finally coming home whole.

One of those invaluable parts is my relationship to Tarot which for me is a way to see the divine rhythms in the universe and honour them – not to try and bend them to what we want, but to find the gift in the present.

I ask you to do this daily practice for one week and see how you feel.

You will need:

  • A journal
  • A pen
  • Yes a Tarot deck

Yes, there is no getting away from needing a Tarot deck! So if you don’t have one now is the time to go into Waterstones, WHSmiths, any other good book or hippy store, or get it on next day Amazon delivery and if you don’t know what to go for then you can’t go wrong with the good old Rider- Waite.

I am going to share with you the daily practices that have helped me not only to survive one of the most challenging years of my life where everything that I had built burnt to the ground, but the ones that meant I could see why it had to burn to the ground, why I am better of for it and how to live a life that is built now on the cornerstones of inner happiness, creativity, purpose, intuition, self-love, grace, flow and peace.

But before I do, here’s the overview, so you can get a sense of what we are doing, when and why:


1. Morning Pages

There was a time that the first thing I reached for as soon as my eyes opened was my phone. Arghhh! How to start the day the wrong way! For this week you will replace your morning pages online with morning pages offline. And yes we are talking the Morning Pages from Julia Cameron’s Classic The Artist’s Way, and no this practice is not movable. It has to be the very first thing you do in the morning if you are to capture those whispers in the winds. You know, the messages in your dreams before they dissolve and all those other quiet inner voices that contain such priceless information. Is there any better reason to swap your phone for a journal?

2. Tarotfeely

Tarotfeely gives me a profound message for the day that helps me ground entirely in the now and know exactly what the present is offering me and how to honour it. To do it you need a Tarot deck. You shuffle the deck and take a card without looking. Instead you place it between your hands and breathe the energy of the card up through your hands into your body, receiving any impressions, colours, visions, etc. You then ask for the message, it may come as words, or pictures or a feeling. You are not trying to guess the card, the most important thing is the message. Let the Tarot teach you what it’s about, rather than you trying to work it out.

3. Storytell

Storytelling with Tarot is a way to see in pictures what energies are present, what energies we want to be present, which energies we don’t want to be present or have been present for far too long, what we can accept, what we can’t, when to honour the appearance of somethings and be patient and when we need to fire up our will and make a change – and no it’s not a reading, yes it is a mirror – which can be reflected in more than one way!

Here’s how:

1. Get a deck of Tarot (or Oracle cards, and go through them splitting them into two or three piles, “Yes” “No” or “Maybe”

2. The cards you instinctively feel made an appearance in your day go in the yes pile.

3. The cards you instinctively feel didn’t make an appearance in your day go in the no pile.

4. The cards you aren’t sure of go in the maybe pile.

5. Take the yes pile and start laying them out in order of events – you may find you need to go to the maybe pile as you do so to fish out one of the cards you realise you need – or very rarely the no pile.

6. Jot down the cards you chose every morning and tally them up weekly – you’ll soon start to see the cards that are appearing regularly for you or not at all, and why and maybe that you need to do something to make any changes you want happen.

4. The Tada List:

The Tada List came into my life via one of my mentors and it’s stayed by my side as a trusty go to whenever I have felt less than, anxious, scattered, overwhelmed, fearful and under confident. As that has been so much over the last year, I had to start employing it religiously and as I did my confidence started to come back by the bucketlist, with a huge sense of achievement from a self value place rather than a forward thinking driven one, it’s like a gratitude list – but with a difference and that one difference makes all the difference! Instead of practicing “the universe has your back” you start feeling how you have your back too, that you are far more capable of looking after you than perhaps you give yourself credit for and just how much you’ve got this!

To do the daily Tada:

In your journal jot down any achievement you managed that day. It could be as small as getting out of bed to as big as climbing Mt Everest, it’s whatever feels like an achievement to YOU on that DAY.

This is best done throughout the day, and to reflect back on in the evening.

Daily Pointer Reminders:

  • Bad luck is good luck.I made a practice when bad luck happened of staying calm and being observational – and it even turned into feeling excited at what the outcome would be, this practice has landed me two free holidays, a free bed worth 2k, £369 in travel compensation and many other little gems in the space of two months, but even better than that, it healed my self drama and sabotage.
  • Am I pushing this or feeling this?The good thing about feeling exhausted is you realise how much energy it takes to push, and how much you have to look after the little you have got. It makes you honour your rhythms, but hopefully asking yourself thing one mighty powerful question will mean you can get into divine balance before getting divinely out of balance!
  • Am I coming from self love or fear?What’s behind the decision you are about to make? Is it coming from fear or self love? A bit of a challenging one to do sometimes as it cuts through any denial right to the heart of the matter, but it really truly is a safe guard against making the wrong decision.
  • Am I judging or asking?Are you making statements in your communication? How is that going for you? What might happen if you turned every statement into a question in the end instead? This practice has stopped me from loosing my marriage and my clients completely.

So there you go 8 daily practices to help you get out of your own way!