Have you ever woken up one day feeling that your life is out of place?

Have you ever wished you had more time to exercise, travel, or spend time with your family?

All of us have the need for balance, so we can have the best quality of life.

In this day and age, as we run all the time everywhere, finding our center seems like a titanic ordeal, especially when you have so many things on your to-do list, and time just seems to flush down the drain somehow.

So how can we make sure we have time for everything we want, without adding yet another process into our busy days?

With the help of a clear crystal jar, and a pack of color marbles, we can become successful zen masters of our life, and have some fun along the way!

Sounds too easy, no? It’s because it IS easy. Here’s how:

1. Define your priorities

Identify 5 categories in your life that are very important to you.

2. Select a color

For each category, choose a color of marbles that represents it.

3. Make a list

Make a list of the activities that you can do to nourish each important category of your life.

4. Fill your jar

Every time you do one of these activities you chose, simply take the colored marbles from a bag, and put them inside your jar. This will allow you to visualize clearly if your life is in balance or not (according to your priorities).

5. Balance your numbers

Make sure you choose the same amount of marbles for each category, so that you can clearly visualize if your life is balanced or not

Discover How To Balance Your Life... With A Jar Of Marbles

For example, the five categories most important for my life are:

  • Relationships = RED: With my children, friend, family and co-workers (every meaningful interaction represents one marble). Meaningful interaction means really focusing on the other person, and nothing else for that moment.
  • Nutrition = GREEN: Eat regularly and in smaller portions, consume more fruits and vegetables. Every portion of fruit or vegetable means one marble. Every time I have a smaller meal instead of a bigger one, it means another marble.
  • Exercise = YELLOW: This represents any type of continuous movement for 30 minutes.
  • Work = BLUE: I make a list at the beginning of the day of the five most important work-related goals I want to achieve for the day. Each time I finish a big goal, one marble goes in the jar.
  • Spirituality = WHITE & Personal Growth= green: Here I include my meditation session, acts of self-reflection, gratefulness. Here I also include reading for 30 minutes, or learning a new skill.

At the end of the week, you’ll be able to see clearly how balanced your life is by the amount of colored marbles from each category.

If you see too many marbles of one color, this means you are concentrating more time on that category.

Then you can ask yourself if this is where you want to put your focus, or make plans to reinforce other areas of your life for the next week.

Francesca Facio

Francesca Facio

Human Optimization Coach, leader of the Mindvalley Customer Support team in Costa Rica, and founder of the personal growth blog, FranFacio.com.

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