Hour Of PowerHave you ever looked at how you spend the first hour of your day?

Did you know that most productive and successful people have a power-hour routine where they connect with themselves before starting their day? The power hour allows you to get charged up to live your best life each and every day and it also keeps you on track to achieve your life goals.

I must say that before creating my own power hour, I was like most people and turned on CNN while starting my day. However, when I started meditating, my entire morning routine changed because after I got out of meditation, the last thing I wanted was to hear about bad news!

To help me get the best out of each day, I now start every morning by listening to an empowering lesson, I then do my meditation and visualization session for 30 minutes, before finishing the hour by journaling and writing down the many things I’m grateful for. This usually sets my day and I notice the difference on the mornings when I don’t take the time to ground myself and go inside.

This routine best works for me, however you can customize your own power hour in the way that will serve you the most.

By that I mean, it might be spending quality time your kids before rushing them off to school, exercising, writing a few pages to your book, doing yoga, reading a few pages of a self-development book, going for a walk or simply sitting quietly enjoying a few cups of coffee or tea.

I was talking about my power hour a few months ago when I was visiting my cousin in Paris and she told me that she likes waking up early and just staying in bed counting her blessings.

You can make the power your own, but the only important thing to keep in mind is that it’s supposed to “empower and uplift” you. It’s quite important that you stay away from the news either on TV, the Internet or the radio.

You might not notice it, but the news is rarely joyous and your subconscious mind picks up on all this negativity and it gets trapped inside your body and creates mental havoc!

Not Sure You Can Spare The Time?

If one hour is a stretch, try to allow 30 minutes where you can take some time to empower yourself. You might think you don’t have an extra hour in the morning, but look at how much time you spend on your SmartPhone, watching the morning news or catching up on new messages on Facebook.

Just try this concept of the power hour for a week – I guarantee that you’ll have achieved more than you thought possible because you’ll have done it all with energy, focus and conviction.

Do you have a power hour routine? Please tell us about what works best for you and the improvements you’ve noticed as a result of making this part of your daily routine.



Krizia (aka Miss K) is an entrepreneur, video marketing strategist, video show host, speaker and international author. Krizia is the host of two online videos shows and has interviewed over 150 amazing people, including guests who have been featured in The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, CNN, Wall Street Journal, The Oprah Show, Larry King Live, Huffington Post and many other major newspaper and magazines. To find out more check out her website, www.misskrizia.com.