With the New Year approaching, so many of us are focusing on the grand goals we should achieve in the upcoming year. A staggering number of them will be abandoned before the clock strikes midnight, but some might linger for a while longer – and those will be the ones we’ve based on actionable, everyday choices we make.

As you slowly await the excitement of the holiday season and bask in the festive atmosphere, let’s focus on what steps you can take in this very moment to make a difference for your future. These may sound simple, but they are bound to help you build a healthy foundation for your life and continue learning what provides your body, mind, and spirit with that much-needed harmony we all crave.

1. Start with Meditation

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The beauty of this simple, yet profound habit is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, and there is no wrong moment to begin. For most meditation newbies, it’s a great idea to start in the morning and take approximately 10-15 minutes to begin mastering the art of meditation.

You can begin with simple breathing exercises in a comfortable seated position or use guided meditation videos easily found online. It’s known to help control your blood pressure, keep you calm, and increase your resilience to stress triggers.

2. Snack Right

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If you’re having trouble with weight management, sugar cravings, or a lack of energy, your dietary habits may be to blame. However, before you start changing your entire menu, you can start by snacking on specific goodies: nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, fresh and dried fruit, and veggies are all excellent candidates.

Clear your kitchen cabinets of all the unhealthy snacks as soon as possible, and replace them with healthy alternatives to keep your belly happy when you’re feeling peckish.

3. Check Your Vision

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Chances are that you spend hours every day in front of a screen, whether it’s your phone, your computer, or both. That puts plenty of strain on your eyes, hence the headaches, issues with focus, and not to mention safety issues if you’re a driver.

In order to enjoy your reading sessions and road trips, head to a trusty specialist such as 1001 Optical and have your sight checked out. This will help you decide if you need to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses to prevent any eye strain.

Get ready for hours of binge-reading with no headaches whatsoever!

4. Hydrate Properly

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Very few people other than professional athletes monitor their water intake, and yet, it’s one of the best habits you can build to make sure you stay healthy. Proper hydration is vital in letting your body use all the nutrients you consume through food, it keeps your immune system strong, and elevates your energy levels.

What you can do right now to keep track of your water intake is invest in a reusable water bottle that you can carry with you at all times and monitor if you’ve met your daily goals. Also, installing an app may help you remind yourself to sip on water more frequently.

5. Improve Your Sleep

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If you sleep less than six hours every night, it’s no wonder you’re feeling sluggish and agitated. However, in addition to increasing the amount of sleep, its quality also matters.

By introducing certain bedtime rituals, you can easily prepare your mind and body for rest and thus boost the quality of your sleep.

Start by reducing screen-time before bed, and spend the last two or three hours before sleep by reading, meditating, taking a hot bath, or anything else that will help you relax. Sipping on a cup of tea as you talk to your spouse or family is a great way to unwind before you turn in.

6. Read a Chapter

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If you have no time to spend hours immersing yourself in the fictional worlds of your favorite authors, the least you can do is treat yourself to a brief reading session. It’s an ideal way to slow down and distance yourself from the busy pace of the modern lifestyle, which will, in turn, refresh your spirit and keep your mind enthralled.

Reading is perfect for developing your imagination, vocabulary, but it also protects your brain, hence the need to spend more of our time in this wonderful activity.

8. Get Moving

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We all know how difficult it can be to kick-start an exercise routine, let alone stick to it when there’s so much to accomplish during the day.

Even if you still cannot commit to a workout plan, you can at least find ten minutes a day to be more active. Try taking a stroll around the block, in the park, doing a few bodyweight exercises, or simply doing a yoga flow by following a video.

Every day you say “I’ll do some pushups” or “I’ll go cycling with the kids today” is another step towards truly finding what form of exercise makes you happy and committing to it.

9. Talk to Someone You Love

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Finally, our relationships are what makes us so profoundly human, and when we’re too lost in various social media profiles, spending most of our time in front of a screen, our relationships can suffer.

Make an effort to spend more quality time bonding with your loved ones, even if it’s just a shared cup of coffee, or a movie night with the kids.

Our relationships are essential for staying healthy, mentally as well as physically, and contributing to those bonds will do wonders for your mood as well as your overall well-being.

Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is beauty and style blogger, an eco-lifestyle lover and a food enthusiast. She is very passionate about natural skincare, yoga and mindful living. Also, she is focusing on minimalism and good quality. Sophia writes mostly about beauty- and lifestyle-related topics in her articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including Life Goals Mag, Savant Magazine, Secret Garden, Cause Artist, Eco Warrior Princess, How to Simplify and Carousel. You can find out more about her writing by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.