With the busy life that college students are living nowadays, it’s a huge possibility that you forget to consider the quality of food that you take in. But given the fact that surviving college is a giant phase of one’s life, it is crucial that you watch what you eat. You will need lots of energy and will have to keep your body fit and healthy to be able to make the most of your college experience.

So we’re sharing with you these 8 secrets towards eating healthy.

1. Never Skip Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day! You have a long day ahead of you, so within an hour after you wake up, it’s best that you fill up on some much-needed nutrition to keep you going for the day. With a full stomach and an energized body, you are ready to take on whatever challenge you have ahead of you!

2. Make Whole Grain Cereals Your Choice

If you’re looking for the best breakfast items to add into your pantry, then go for whole-grain cereals.

Corn flakes, bran flakes, multi-grain bread or muffins, muesli, quinoa and more–these whole-grain packed meals are rich with protein and fiber, so with enough serving, you’ll surely stay full until lunchtime. Plus, these fiber-packed meals will surely aid your digestion and weight management.

3. Eat Calcium-Plenty Food

Calcium is one of the most important minerals your body must constantly get. Your bones, teeth, muscles, blood and heart need it to function well. This is why you should never underestimate the importance of eating calcium-rich food, such as dairy, sardines, almonds, beans and leafy green vegetables.

Our body is naturally calcium-rich, but with the constant activities that we do day by day, it is crucial that we keep refilling it to keep your body functioning well.

4. Stock Up on Healthy Snacks

With so many chips and fast food meals available in the market, it’s too easy to disregard the value of healthy snacks. That’s why it’s a good practice to keep them handy at all times so that anytime you feel like snacking, you’ve already got a healthy option available.

Some good options include mixed nuts, greek yogurt and berries, fruits, cottage chips, kale chips, and dark chocolate with almonds.

5. Water is Your Best Friend

About 60% of our body is made up of water. It is an important ingredient of our daily existence. Our body needs proper hydration for it to function well. This is why it’s a good idea to keep water handy. Keep a bottle of water with you,  in your bag or at your desk at all times. This way hydration becomes second nature and for this, your body will thank you.

6. Make Protein a Part of Your Every Meal

Eggs, chicken, oats, milk, almonds, broccoli–these are the best sources of protein. With it being the most important component of every cell in your body, it is important to make this a big part of your every meal. But too much of something is never good, so a decent amount in your every meal is more than enough to keep every cell of your body in good working condition.

7. Avoid Drinks Loaded with Calories

It might be tempting to just chug up lots of bottled juices and sodas for an instant perk up, especially if you’re into sweet, creamy or alcoholic drinks. Drinks such as ice cream shakes, frappucinos and cocktails might seem harmless, but they are loaded with about 200-300 calories. If you are counting calories and are on a diet, you might forget counting the calories in the drinks you are taking in.

To avoid getting some extra calories in your daily diet, your best bet for a calorie-free drink is always your all-around BFF: water.

8. Go for Less Sugar

Too much sugar in your diet is a bad idea. In moderation, sugar is okay as a part of your every meal. A decent serving should equate to 10% of your body’s total energy intake per day.

With too much sugar in your body, you are taking in a lot of empty calories. Sugar provides less energy, but indulging too much on sweet foods can contribute to the energy density your body is getting, and if you get more energy than what your body needs, these will then be stored as fats.

So, in summary, eat sweets in moderation.

Eating food is one of the greatest pleasures of life. But just like everything else, too much of something is bad. Just make sure that you always eat a balanced meal and be mindful of all the food that you take in, including snacks and drinks, and keep your body active.

Remember that your body is your most important tool. Keeping it fit and healthy is just fitting.


Ishita Petkar enjoys reading, dancing and exploring Toronto's artistic and cultural side. When not writing, she spends most of her life in a dance studio, training, and dancing for a company specializing in Bharatnatyam, a style of Indian classical dance. When she finally makes it out of dance class, she can be found attempting to create urban adventures, shopping, trying out new coffee shops, or watching a dizzying array of TV shows.