You have heard of your IBM, right? IBM is the Index Body Mass system that measures your physical health.

Well, here is your IBA: the measure of your Imagination, Belief, and Allowance for your success health.

And best of all, it’s SO easy to do.

Think of a time that you wanted something to happen, and it didn’t. Got one? Great!

Now rate out of 10 (10 being maximum) for how much you could:

  • Imagine it
  • Believe it
  • Allow it

One tip: If allowance is tricky to get your head around, then ask yourself how worthy you felt to receive it. Worth determines how much you allow yourself to receive.

Now you should have three numbers from 1 to 10 — one each for imagination, belief, and allowance.

Next, think of a time that you wanted something to happen, and it did. Got one? Great!

Now rate out of 10 (10 being maximum) for how much you could:

  • Imagine it
  • Believe it
  • Allow it

Now you should have two sets of three numbers. What you will probably find when you compare them, is that your belief or allowance was quite low for the one that didn’t happen. In fact, allowance was probably the lowest. This tells us that self-worth is the key underlying factor in success.

So just how do we heal our sense of worth?


There’s a line in that famous “Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen” song/speech that hit the charts in my youth:

“Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much, or berate yourself either. Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s”

I kind of resonate with that because the successes I have had in my life have felt like they happened by accident. Yet, when you have had a certain amount of “success accidents” you do start to see what the important factors are.

Quite often other people see your success more than you do.

I remember when I “became successful.” So many people kept congratulating me on “being a success”. To them, I had made it, whereas it just felt like an illusion to me. I felt like their perception of my success left them feeling inadequate because they felt I was so much more of a success than them. Which of course, I wasn’t. I felt like a fake.

I didn’t feel “successful” at all on the inside. And on the outside, I didn’t have the normal measure of success (own house, car, bling, etc.)

This experience led me on a journey to find out what success actually was — how it FELT, more than how it looked. 

In fact, at that very time, I was actually in a dire make or break situation (appearances can be so deceiving), so I reached out to a coach and shared with her what was happening.

“Tiffany, you are a success, that is what people are mirroring to you now, it’s you who are continuing to live the old life because you don’t know how to live the new one.”

That last line was life-changing for me since then I started to learn how to live a life in alignment with success.

What does that mean exactly?

1. Know Thyself

Plato said the most important thing in life is to ‘know thyself’. Timeless wisdom, nothing new, thousands of years old and still just as true.

2. Honour Thy Universe

Success hardly ever happens the way we think it will. It is the universe that knows ultimately what lies in store for us, how and when. Whenever it doesn’t pan out the way we think it should, when we think it should and how we think it should sidestep, create space for the magic to happen.

Most of my successes flopped first time around, and I “gave up” on them, but really what I did was get out my own way and bang! When I least expected, it would come back around with a new level of success, sometimes as long as several years later.

Some of these things are still a work in progress; success isn’t a linear journey, but a journey of a lifetime.


3. Honour Thy YOUniverse

Listen to how the Universe sounds when you say it; it is the YOUniverse! You are it — you just don’t know you are it!

You and the Universe are one; you work, dance, sing, play and create together, whether you know it or not. The Universe only wants you to do what you want.

If something you are doing feels heavy, it’s a sign that you aren’t leaving space for success, more clarity will come on this one from reading below.

4. Choose What You Want, Rather Than What You Fear

I used to choose from fear; a classic example is “I can’t do this because I don’t have enough money.” I was starving myself of what I needed. This resulted in a complete and utter breakdown of my finances, emotional life, and my health. I had to start choosing differently.

I began to permit myself to listen to what I wanted over what I feared, even if it seemed impossible. I stretched myself out of my comfort zone, and each time I did I grew, in wealth, fulfillment, health and confidence.

One of my daily practices is to look fear in the eye and say, “Get the hell out of my way!” and it does :)

Like Richard Branson says, “If someone gives you an amazing opportunity and you don’t know how you are going to do it, just say yes and figure it out later.”


5. See Your Own Success

This is where worth really comes into play, and a great way to start is through gratitude practice.

As you start a daily practice of recording all the things to be grateful for in your life, you will start to see just how much is going right for you. Gratitude practice is a great antidote for so many lower-self issues, anxiety, insomnia, depression, the list goes on. Of course, low self-worth is underneath all of these things.

Keep a daily gratitude list, and you will start to see your own worth and success grow in no time.

Oh, and by the way, gratitude isn’t just a written practice; it means saying thank you when you receive a compliment too!

6. It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know?

Maybe there are some Kim Kardashians of the world that are famous for nothing (probably because of who they know), but is that real success?

On the other side of the coin maybe you have the knowledge, but without structure, your success is likely to look like The Ten of Wands in the Tarot (a very heavy cross to bear).

It wasn’t until I got an education on what to do with what I knew that things started to turn around for me. And all because the world mirrored back to me that I was a success when I didn’t know I was.

The Mirror of Success

Funnily enough, the world mirrored back to me that I was a success in something again just last week.

I was asked to speak about successful blogging, and in true Richard Branson style I said yes straight away and thought, “Who, me? What do I know about successful blogging?” Even though I had just landed a role as a weekly blogger for one of the largest spiritual blogging sites there is!

I started my talk by confessing to everyone that I couldn’t really teach them how to blog successfully, but I could teach them how to release their creativity and give themselves permission to shine instead. Then I went on to teach them how to blog successfully!

The feedback was, “Well, for someone who doesn’t know about how to blog successfully that was a really amazing class!”


The Final Message

One last message came the night before I was due to speak on blogging. I got locked out of my local Toastmasters (quite a formal traditionally established public speaking group) due to being late.

So I went to the pub, had a whiskey and waited until break time. The closer it got to break time the tipsier I felt, the more intoxicated I felt, the more fear I felt. It was time for me to break instead! I decided I was better of in bed and got up to go home just as my phone rang –

“Tiffany! We are at the door for you now!”

“Oh great!” was my response “Oh bugger!” was my thought!

How Do You Spend Most of Your Waking Life?

The topic I was given to speak on the spot with was  “How Do You Spend Most of Your Waking Life?” Well, I got up there and just let it all hang out, I spoke about how that was the million dollar question, about parallel existences, lucid dreaming, astral projection — the works! The audience howled with laughter (because of the shock factor I think) and when I sat down my heart was pounding.

Then the winners were announced and I WON! Someone said they thought I should be a stand-up comedian — little do they know that what I spoke about was my real day job!

So what is the real message here? Most of all, It’s to look fear in the eye and say “get the hell out of my way, I’ve got things to do.”