Focus On The Good You Do And Everything Else Will Follow.

At some point in everyone’s life, things stop making sense.

Words you once knew seem to reference something else. What you thought was right is not what everyone is doing or talking about. Mix in some high-level stress, like a personal or professional loss, and it’s easy to get caught in a negative spiral of uncertainty or fear. Continually replaying events as though you could figure out a way to change the past.

Even our need for affirmation can have us chasing little phantoms of self-doubt, which arrests our flow, as though everyone is as focused on our flaws as we are.

There are plenty of wonderful methods to ease our thoughts, focus our breath, and get our resulting hormones back in balance.

But this simple activity can supercharge your self-awareness and personal growth.

It can:

• Calm your mind.

• Fill you with joy.

• Help you remember what you really care about. 

• Motivate you to find new answers. 

• And give you the courage to follow through on your solidifying intentions.


Focusing on the good you already do, works. For four main reasons:

1. The feeling you get when you do something good is unmistakable.

Go ahead, think about something good you did and notice that wonderful feeling bubble up inside you. This is a truth. Undeniable. A feeling you can trust and use to center yourself. A negative mind can easily dismiss a friend’s efforts to “pump them up,” but that tingle of joy inside of you when you do something good is as real as it gets.

2. It gives you the opportunity to safely explore the question of “Why” what you did was good.

This helps you become more in tune with the kind of actions that truly make you happy. Helps you discover the character traits you most value. It also opens up your creativity, prompting you to reframe situations and unlock answers you didn’t even know you were looking for.

3. When we pay attention to anything we begin to find more of it around us.

Think of a time you learned about something new, even just a new word. It magically seems to pop up everywhere. You’re mind is looking for it. The same thing happens when we focus on the good we’ve done, we automatically start looking for that same or similar patterns in our life. Soon the day fills with chances to be in a way that brings you and those around you joy.

4. Thinking about something for as little as 10 seconds can actually create new neural pathways.

Brain growth that makes it easier to perform the imagined activity. Athletes, musician and other world-class performers have successfully used visualization techniques long before brain science existed. This means you will not only recognize more opportunities to do good, you will be more compelled to take action.

Congratulations! You just completed a powerful, positive feedback loop.

Making it Work

To help get the most out of focusing on the good you do, try recording some of your deeds with a simple tag, like honest or generosity, and possibly a short note. This is a great way to see your own evolution of goodness, and can provide extra motivation to create your desired life.


Jeff Wasiluk is Co Founder of goodmorphosis . He’s a writer, philosopher, artist and brand consultant. You can talk to him here on Twitter .