Mindful Eating: How To Nourish Your Mind And Body, Without Feeling Deprived.

We often waste time analyzing food and workouts in an unhealthy way, when these thoughts could be used more wisely for greater things. There are many ways you can nourish yourself so you can connect your mind and body with the food you eat.

For example, did you know that taste is the sense associated with the svadisthanna chakra (which encompasses the hips, lower abdomen, lower back, sacrum, reproductive organs, womb, bladder and kidneys)? It is our creative center, our pleasure center, therefore when food engages us in pleasure we’re satisfying the svadisthanna chakra with our creativity.

However, when we do not use our creativity for life and become an artist at how we eat, we sometimes reach for food to stimulate pleasure and end up overindulging. We can become obsessed by our diets, rather than consciously eating for nourishment and enjoyment. By making eating an art, it not only gives us pleasure but also helps us consciously balance our lifestyle and indulge in a healthy way.

Select Good Foods

Part of the fun of eating consciously starts with purchasing the food. By shopping at small deli’s, farm stands and organic food shops, your experience becomes one with more presence and pleasure. You connect with the storeowners, the farmers and the idea that you are only going to feed yourself the best quality produce. Consider the colors, the textures, the shapes and the pleasure you’ll receive when eating them. All food offers goodness when selected consciously, even great desserts and treats have their place. It is about feeling good when you feed yourself, not denying yourself tastes and sensations. Moderation is the only rule.

Get Creative As You Prepare Your Meals

Use joy as you create whatever you feast on. Even a fast meal can be prepared with enjoyment and the knowledge that you’re going to get nourishment.

Even though I do not have a big desire to cook myself, I try to bring some creativity and relaxation when I prepare my food, as I understand the power of nourishment. I get present and remind myself how sacred and important this is. I understand that I must nourish myself so I choose to enjoy it. I bring in love and use creativity so that my thoughts, body and emotions are aligned and engaged.


Nourishing with food is a sacred act. It is honorable that the lower kingdoms are offered up to feed us. Take note of this cycle and be thankful for all the things around you that provide goodness for your wellbeing. It is a wonderful cycle so appreciate it. Gratitude is a high emotion and prepares your body for digestion.

Conscious Eating

As you take in food, you’re also taking in mental and emotional vibes. They too are becoming part of that food and your cells. All things you do are recorded emotionally, mentally and physically, even if you are unaware. If you’re in an argument or watching the news, these ideas go in with your food. If you consciously think of your goals, your dreams and lovely ideas about life, these will go in as well. Take the opportunity to eat consciously building yourself on all levels. Your emotions, ideas and plans will become part of your being; and you’ll be consciously eating.

All acts can be made into a ritual of presence. Most of us have the opportunity three times a day to eat with pleasure, taste our food, savor the deliciousness and slowly eat to engage our svadisthanna chakra. Enjoy your food and make sounds of pleasure, this way you can stay present as you engage your mind, body, emotions and spirit to this ritual of nourishment and make an art out of eating.

Bon Appetit!

Do you nourish your mind, body and taste buds through conscious eating? Have you noticed a difference in your enjoyment and connection with food since you starting eating more mindfully? 

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Lyn Hicks is an organic flower grower in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and is the co-founder of The Green Collaboration. She also created The Lotus Project, an experiential workshop to empower others through creativity and engagement with nature. To find out more about Lyn and her work, visit www.harmonyhillgardens.com.