While mindlessly scrolling through YouTube the other day, looking for that quick dopamine hit, I  fell into a video by two well know internet ‘gurus.’ Both are very successful businesswomen; both are selling a lifestyle. One is selling you the idea that the universe has your back. The other is all about building a business.

And they were talking about manifesting.

They were talking about having a ‘high vibration.’

There was a lot of step one, step two, gentle touches to the knee, and yes, you too can have anything you want.

But as I sat there, I became more and more frustrated, almost screaming internally while asking the question,  “Ladies, please!  You are talking in code. What does raise your vibration even mean? Is this cosmic woo, or is there something sensible behind the mysterious words?”

So I did some googling and asked our online communal brain, ‘What does raising your vibration mean?’

Long science short: We are made of matter, and that means we as individuals vibrate. We each have our own frequencies.  All matter vibrates, even if we can’t see it.  

It seems that the higher the frequency we vibrate at, the ‘lighter’ we become, (energetically–sadly not in losing 10 pounds way).  As a result of vibrating higher, the faster good stuff seems to happen. We meet nicer people, have more synchronicities and life improves.


But how do you raise your vibration? And why should you?

To raise your vibration, you need to think and feel good thoughts/feelings. BUT, this is easier said than done (we will get to the why after I’ve explained the what.)

It’s not easy, because how can anyone raise their vibration to one of ‘abundance’ which is a higher vibration than debt when they can’t pay their bills?

How can you hold onto a thought/feeling when everyone/thing around you is saying the complete opposite?

And does it work?

Are the people selling the idea of ‘vibration’ simply on the ‘vibration bandwagon,’ an easy sell because we are all so desperate to change our lives,  that we will believe and grasp at anything?

I decided to find out for myself.

I went about giving this ‘raising my vibration’  a mighty fine go. I found it’s not at all cosmic woo, even though half the time it is dressed up a such. It is actually plain old common sense.

It’s all about how you feel. But in a deep way.  

Let’s use the image of a human body, but there are two speakers sewn into the body. One is in the heart; the other is somewhere else–say the left hip (why not).

Feeling waves–vibrations–come from both speakers, only the one from the hip has a really slow, heavy feel. It’s the feeling of being sick to the stomach because you can’t afford to pay your bills, your partner just left you, and you hate your job.

The second speaker has feeling waves (again, vibrations), and these are, “Wow, my life is so wonderful. I’m alive, the sun is shining, my Mom loves me, and I just found a penny on the street.”  The feeling is like a happy bird song, lighter and full of beautiful music.

Your body now has two vibrations coming from it, and they kind of meld together to be some funky heavy tones, with the odd bird song thrown in.

That joint vibration is the vibration of your entire body. In this case, the vibration is “My life generally sucks, but at least my mom loves me.”

This is the vibration the two ladies were talking about in their video.

Now add a few more speakers, and you can see that the vibration. Depending upon how many deep, slow base tones there are, or how lovely the bird song, will depend upon how high or low your personal vibration is.

The more fear, panic, pain, trauma, upset, crappy job, the lower and slower the vibration.

The more love and light and happiness, the higher the vibration.

The idea is to raise your vibration, so you feel good most of the time.

You can raise your vibration several ways–meditation, chanting, affirmations–but mostly it is via your emotions. 

You also don’t need to sign up to any Guru to do this.

Feel, emotionally, all over your body, that you have everything you need.

I’m in excellent health. I have all the money I need. Life is just peachy. Thanks. 

It’s not thinking it, it’s feeling itI can’t emphasize this enough.

It might start as a thought, but you must get it to a feeling state.

This is the part that many miss out. You want to basically bliss out emotionally on good thoughts that translate to physical sensations.

This is positive thinking with rocket boosters.

Then, once high on your own supply, you notice the negative vibrations. Let’s say money is very tight, and so you feel into that feeling, and you’ll be able to tell the difference. Hugely so after you have just blissed out on good feelings.

You will feel the discord in your body, and you may even think, Wow, why would I even want to feel that bad?  

The idea then is to hold both feelings (vibrations) in your consciousness and then choose to focus on the good ones, that make you feel good.

You are not ignoring the bad, but you are flooding your body with the positive, which makes you feel better. It makes life more positive, and then–here’s the magic and why it is common sense to do this.

Generally, when you feel good about life,  you tend to get off your backside and take positive actions.

Because you feel better, vibrationally you are lighter, and it’s the real reason they say to do it. So you move.

Depressed people don’t move. Enthusiastic, happy people move. They take ACTION.

So it’s not sitting around ‘thinking’ positive thoughts. It’s feeling them, deeply, and then taking positive action.

If you want to improve your life, then raising your vibration is common sense as it will help you get to where you want to go.

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