We are at a time of great transition, great possibility. And with great transition and great possibility comes an enormous intensity of breaking apart, or of chaos. But this is not a bad time, it is not foretelling Armageddon. There is no fear. Fear is the illusion of the human mind as it purges its distortions. And many are caught in that. But the great tide, the great ocean of Mother, is rising. Her waters are rising. And it remains to be seen who is pulled out to sea and who stands firm and allows the water to cleanse them of the distortion of the human mind.

The mind is our lockbox; it is our prison. We study the mind, we observe the mind, we watch the mind, we clear the mind, we give the mind things to do – affirmations. But all of this is ultimately to be free of the mind – to live in no mind. Everything you learn is given to you to become free of it. It is simply a tool to be in the pure awareness. And in the pure awareness everything is perfect. The mind says it’s not, because the mind has to struggle. But in truth, everything is perfect.

It’s very important for all of you to observe from pure awareness your emotional body. But do not live in your emotional body, because the emotional body is where the karma lives – the karma of humanity and the karma of the mind. And this emotional body of humanity is filled at this time with an enormous amount of toxins. The emotional body is shaking to throw off, to get rid of, these toxins. It will be up to human consciousness as to whether that happens or not.

So, we are not saying to deny your emotion. We are saying to live in pure awareness and watch it with the Silent Watcher. Because in the witness, you heal the emotional body. The emotional body must go through its human experience. It’s here, like the rest of us, to journey into awakening. The emotional body is still very young, relatively young, in the scheme of things–in the development of the Adam Kadmon, of the human. The emotions are the youngest part of creation. So the emotions are still in fear, and fear of the unknown – the unknown being what we cannot control. So we must allow the emotional body to have its experience. But to be lost in the emotional body is like going down a river in a boat and getting caught in an eddy, and going around and around and around and around. Eventually your boat will be pulled under the water.

That’s what we’re seeing a great deal of right now, because people do not have the tools. They don’t know this. The information is coming, and we want everyone to know this – those who will listen. So, to truly be awakened, to be in the state of love – to be in the state of love which you desire more than anything – to live in this state of love, you must begin to separate yourself from your emotional body. Just watch it, love it. “Oh, I see your suffering. Okay, I love you. I love you, and you’re suffering.” But when you identify yourself with the emotional body and say, “This is who I am, this is how I’m suffering, this is how horrible things are,” then you’re in the eddy – or then you’re in the tide that’s going out to sea. And we, all the Beings of Light, the Archangels, don’t want to see that. We don’t want to see that happen.

Deirdre Hade

Mystical visionary Deirdre Hade is the founder of The Radiance Journey. She is the co-author of The (not so ) Little Book of Surprises with her husband William Arntz, the creator of the film “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?,” and the author of the forthcoming book The 12 Archetypes of Eve: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Achieving Full Feminine Power. Her website is www.DeirdreHade.com