Joyful June is here!

This is the month to be jovial. If you’ve experienced challenges last month, and wonder when things will lighten up for you – take heart! This month promises to offer many blessings.

What 2017 is Teaching You

In numerology, 2017 is a 1 Universal Year. (2+0+1+7 = 10, 1+0 = 1). 1 is the number of fresh starts and new beginnings. This year, you are planting seeds that will manifest over the next nine years.

1 teaches you many spiritual lessons – you are learning how to make your happiness and priorities number one! You’re finding ways to put yourself first – to help people without being a martyr. You’re also learning how to believe in yourself.

We’ve had a lot of retrogrades the first few months of the year. Now we’re free and clear!

You’ve spent the first part of the year discovering what you really want, and now it’s time to put your plans into action. You can have the most peaceful blissful month if you are listening to your soul’s purpose.

Your Soul is Calling

June 2017 in numerology is a 16/7 Universal Month. This number teaches you how to listen to the voice of your soul, tune into your intuition, and align with your soul’s path.

If you have been ignoring or denying your soul’s calling, it’s time to change course.

Align With The Divine in Three Steps

1. Take time to yourself every day

You’ll be receiving in influx of divine downloads this month. If you don’t allow yourself time to process your emotions and intuitive insights, you can become anxious and confused.

Allow yourself sacred time to connect with your inner voice and listen to your feelings. Meditation, journaling and taking salt baths are all wonderful ways to connect with your spirit. Or simply allow yourself to do nothing! You’ll receive more inspiration from Spirit if you give yourself the time and space to do so.

2. Tune out other people’s opinions

Only you know what’s right for you. If you are constantly looking at other people’s success, or what’s working for them, you’re denying yourself your unique expression.
You have all the answers inside of you. Your intuition is guiding your every step. When you look within for answers instead of asking others what they think, your path will become crystal clear.

3. Be in your body

Your body is picking up intuitive information every moment of the day. Yet, how often do you take the time to tune into your body’s wisdom. Your emotions, as well as sensations in your body are giving you clues about what is beneficial (or not) for you.

If your intuitive insights are staying in your crown chakra, without being grounded in your body, it is more difficult to manifest your desires.
Exercise is a wonderful way to catch up with your thoughts. You can also call your Spirit back into your body and ground yourself to the Earth. You’ll feel present and connected – which is the best way to act on your intuition.

May you be showered with blessings!

Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach who helps people align with their soul’s purpose and reclaim their intuitive gifts . She utilizes the unique spiritual blueprint encoded in your name and birth date to to heal your past, tune into your present, and decipher your destiny. With the assistance of the Archangels, she liberates you from self-sabotaging fears, beliefs and energy so you can fulfill your soul's purpose with joy and prosperity. She has become a go-to resource for people around the world seeking to discover practical tools for magical living. It is her joy to use her gifts to help you discover yours! Visit her at: where you can receive her free numerology guide

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