I can’t express how important this message by the Dalai Lama is. While he speaks directly to artists and musicians, his message transcends all levels as every human being is creative by nature. We all yearn to create and see our own creations.

His message is simple. That we have a responsibility to serve humanity. That human nature is ultimately kind so there is potential for all of us to achieve global peace.

And as artists and creators, we have an even greater responsibility to push the world towards this direction.

It’s one of the reasons why FinerMinds was started. We wanted to be a driving force to spread enlightened ideas and connect people from all over.

So for anyone with a creative spark, it’s time to get off our butts and get things moving.

Now imagine if you could meet the Dalai Lama. What would be the first thing you would say to him?



PS: The idea of meeting the Dalai Lama really isn’t that abstract. Stay in touch and you’ll know what i mean ;)

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley — a ground-breaking company comprised of innovators, artists, technologist and dreamers from over 30 countries around the world. Vishen also created the transformational program, Consciousness Engineering.


  • As humans we are all creators. We are all artist in some way!!

    I FEEL so blessed to have a creative outlet everyday! I wasn't always like this, I would hide my art and writing and not share. I had to get comfortable with me and then I just let it go…put it out in the universe… I create for the sake of creating for the pleasure of creating, painting, drawing, writing.

    I would give the Dalai Lama a painting… giving from the heart a part of my soul. The Dalai Lama is such an inspiration and one of my heroes!!

  • beautiful I can say I am awakening to this sense of responsibility to share God’s message of compassion through my art!

  • Avatar Yana says:

    Dalai Lama… what an amazing person… I totally agree with his words and they bring so much peace to the soul when one listens to them… Humanity needs more people like him.

    What bugs me though… is how all religions always talk about being humble and they always surround themselves with gold – I never got that part. Not trying to offend anyone here :).

  • Avatar Johnnie says:

    What a blesssing the Dali Lamma is. Often we don't believe in ourselves enough to even do our art, let alone believe that ourpsart has a transforming affect. Our art is our purpose, any and everything we do from integrity with intention to create is our mission. Hearing him say this today only validates a project I've just begun. This is synchronicity at its best.

  • Avatar Johnnie says:

    Hi Vishen,

    This is not a comment, but a ?. How can/does one become a contributing writer on your site. I have a project I began in 2007, that is material wise very in tune with your message.

    My name and email are above, luminousspirit@gmail.com, I receive your newsletter and I absolutely love it. Please advise how to proceed.

    Thank you,


  • Avatar Veronica says:

    In terms of the comment about Gold, It's times for people to stop being judgemental about someone based on material manifestation,Many temple's were made with Gold,and im sure Dalai lives a prosperous life, Why should he not! How could he not. That does not alter his humbleness nor change his gratefulness or his purpose,Why do we always have to connect being a spiritual being with being humble and poor,and being a atheist with wealthy and wicked, He could'nt live a poor life if he wanted to,God rewards and looks out for his messengers, Because he is surrounded around uncondictional love people will always make sure is has the best, Thats what we should want for eachother and for ourselves is'nt it.The more enlighten one truely becomes the more one realizes that all things we desire are meant to manifest,and because of Gods uncondictional love all things can be granted to us,for they are all just fabrication that shall fade away at journey's end.,More important is that we learn to focus on the food we must digest and find our path and purpose and leave our examples of the power of uncondictional love and wanting only the best for eachother uncondictionally, Through Love all things are possible through envy we limit our selves and therefore miss the purpose of being put here to make this wonderful life journey the experience it's meant to be.It's time to get connected we all have much work to do to spread the most important message, Universal uncondictional Love which lies doormat in our hearts,When connected It heals,It stops hatred in Its tracks, It causes joy and happiness.This is the state we should all strive to be in.

    Let Divine Spirit lead us all to truth and enlightnement.

    God Be Within Us. Veronica

  • Avatar Yana says:

    Hi Veronica, what you are saying is absolutely true! Money is in no way worse or less spiritual than the air we breath – both are here to support us in our life. My comment was more addressed towards the church, which for centuries was collecting people's money and living in luxury and talking about being humble (and pls note that I don't consider church equal to God – if somebody tells me that the only way for me to talk to God is through this person… well… I won't agree with that :)).

    There's nothing wrong about being rich :), but as the universe is limitless and there is enough for everyone, hiding the ways to get rich and telling the rest of the people to stay humble… with that I don't agree. Of course, past is past and it is only us that give it power to rule our here and now :).

    I'm happy things are changing now, people are awakening and seeing the truth about the universe and its abundance :)!

    And Dalai Lama rocks!!! :D

  • Avatar Ashli says:

    Namaste friends.

    Remember Lighten Up for Enlightenment.

  • Avatar K'lei says:

    HELLO Vishen,

    In 2003 I began HELLO (humanity evolving love light O=circle around the earth) Peace a movement for peace with children through art. I would love to share this story and some of artwork with your newsletter. Do you ever do that? Namaste



  • Avatar Michel says:

    If we take the habit to do things differently, on a regular basis,or do things that have never been done before like creative art, I believe that we will let go of the old way to think about life and the world and we will become in tune with the new reality / new thinking concept that the Dalai Lama talks about.

  • Avatar Karen says:

    The audio was incomprehensible on this video. I have sensitive hearing, and the music overwhelmed the vocals so that I missed much of the message.

    It is difficult enough to understand people who's speaking cadence is different from my own society's rhythm, pace and pronounciations. Why mask the message with pretty music?

    I would have loved to hear what was said. I tried several times to understand the message, but it was lost.

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