You know that rare state of flow you get into sometimes… when everything’s going well, things are running smoothly, and you’ve built up a nice momentum? When problems come up, but you’re able to just steamroll right over the top of them as if they were the unfortunate Coyote from the Disney Road-Runner cartoon?

It’s that state when you just seem to surge over opposition, nothing fazes you, and you surf the crest of the success wave with momentum and speed until you wash up on the beach, grinning, with your adrenaline rushing and your whole being craving to get out there and do it again.

When you feel, as Leo Di Caprio screamed in that scene from Titanic, like the ‘King of the World’.

This is what happens when something I call your life energy is peaking out.

When your life energy is peaking, you’re not being bogged down by resistance, procrastination, or feelings of being stuck in-a-rut.

You’re cruising at maximum altitude.

You’re in the driver’s seat of your own life with your foot resting heavy on the gas pedal and the radio going full-blast.

Put simply, life energy is your energy to engage with life exactly as it is right now. It’s a highly fluid part of your being, and it’s affected by all sorts of stuff – what you’re doing, what you’re thinking about what you’re doing, what you wish you were doing, and how well you’re doing it.

By the way, ‘engaging with your life exactly as it is right now’ doesn’t mean ‘wishing you were in your dream career’ or ‘fantasizing about what life will be like when you have your dream relationship’.
It means engaging with your life NOW, as it really is, no matter what it looks like or how ‘faulty’ it is, and responding to whatever situation you’re in in such a way as to turn valleys of boredom into PEAKS OF LIFE ENERGY.

As I see it, there are three basic levels of life energy:

1. Peaking out (when you’re in ‘flow’ and mashing resistance like it doesn’t exist

2. ‘Medium’ (when you’re mildly bothered by resistance and procrastination, but are making dogged progress), or

3. ‘Rock bottom’ (when you can barely get it together long enough to sit down at your desk and so much as THINK about what needs to be done today.)

And obviously, the state you want to experience more of is the PEAK! However, for most people, a life-energy peak is something that “just happens” to them – it’s totally out of their control.

They don’t know how to manipulate themselves and their lives so as to make that ‘peak’ a daily experience.

This article will teach you how to peak out more and stay more positive and confident on DAILY BASIS.


The environments you surround yourself with affect what’s happening inside your head more than you realize.

Since our external environments are essentially a mirror-reflection of what’s happening inside us and since this also works both ways – our insides begin to take on qualities of what our outside environments look like, too.

if you’re constantly BOGGING YOURSELF DOWN in clutter, stacks of paper, piles of old clothes, dusty, disorganized half-finished projects, and cobwebby windows.

I can GUARANTEE you that your life energy – your sense of forward momentum, your ability to move on and accomplish things with energy and enthusiasm – will feel bogged-down and stale as well.

Now, the question is how to get rid of your clutter.

To get rid of your clutter, I suggest you take an approach that you’re comfortable with. Start small: a messy drawer that you could clear out, a bag of clothes you could sort, a pile of dishes that need to be washed.

You don’t need to tackle the attic, the garage, and the basement all at once. In fact, you shouldn’t, because you’ll overwhelm yourself and reinforce the life-sapping idea that de-clutterizing is pointless.

Instead of defeating yourself before you even begin, start with something that you can finish doing TODAY.

Take a look around you right now. How do you feel, on the truthful, inside level, about your surroundings – the desk, room, or car that you’re in as you read this? Notice what you feel.

Do not allow depressing thoughts of all the other desks, rooms, and cars that also need dealing with to enter your brain and sap your energy; they’re just mental clutter.

Look at where you are right NOW, notice how you feel – and act on the feelings that come up. Letting go of unnecessary attachments inevitably results in an INCREASE OF SPEED toward what you REALLY want!


Agonizing about decisions detracts solidly from your ability to have a peak experience.

Uncertainty, lack of trust in yourself, and worrying about whether you’re ‘doing it right’ are among the basic components of feeling stuck.

Listening to your intuition and decoding the messages it sends you, on the other hand, is a sure-fire way to substitute agony and ‘stuck-ness’ for clarity, peace, energy, and tranquility – among the building blocks of the peak experience and mountain-high life energy!

Here is an amazing tip that will help you to follow your instincts.

Meditation. Preferably in the AM

Meditation, at any time of the day or night, is like an instant de-staticker for those intuitive messages.

It helps you tune out the garbage and zone in on the stuff that really resonates with you.

So if you can give yourself five or ten minutes to just shut up, sit down, and listen for your own guidance, you’re already miles ahead of most people.

Meditating at any time of the day is a great way to slow down and tune into the nuggets of primordial wisdom that are regularly being shoved your way by the scurrying messengers of your intuition. Meditation is the best way to reinvent your life again.


It frequently amazes me how difficult people make life for themselves. When it comes to knowing what’s best for you, there’s just one expert: YOU.

When it comes to making decisions about your life, your money, your relationships, your career, WHATEVER, the truth is simple: You know more than everybody else in the world put together!


Because everybody else – even the best life-coach in the world, even your mom, even your high-school guidance counselor, even your therapist, even your $500-an-hour life coach – only knows what THEY would do in your shoes.

You’re the boss here.

You need to stop giving your power away to other people. You need to GET USED to the idea that you actually know best what’s best for you and start crediting yourself with the incredible wisdom and decision-making abilities that you, in fact, literally possess, deep down inside.

The ability to make decisions and change your life, your mind, or your heart isn’t something that you need HELP with.

Sure, you can ask other people for their perspective… listen carefully… and think about what they have to say.

You can even allow their point of view to affect yours, if it really resonates you. And you can certainly USE other people’s advice for guidance IF it sounds like something that you AGREE WITH.


Blindly following other people’s advice and feeling as if you can’t trust your own ability to make your OWN mind up and waiting for somebody else to tell you what to do will ALL interfere like billy-o with your ability to ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE and EXPERIENCE LIFE’S PEAKS FOR YOURSELF.

It’s really that simple!

YOU KNOW BEST. If something appeals to you, it’s for a reason. Listen to your own knowledge – it’s more powerful than anyone else’s!

Most people just do not know how to acknowledge their own boss – themselves – and wind up hovering around, hesitating, denying their own power, and shoving all the responsibility and glory onto other people’s shoulders.

It’s like I told Mr Would-Be Graphic Designer: “You’re getting all bent out of shape about this, when in reality the ONLY ‘problem’ is figuring out which choice will make you the happiest!”

Granted, sometimes the choices we have are more difficult than, “Should I go to Australia or stay in New Zealand to seek my fortune?”, but the essential truth remains:

All the decisions we make are, in essence, decisions about which choice will make us happiest.

Father Paul Keenan, author of the spirit-warming Good News for Bad Days, suggests that the easiest way to solve ANY problem – any agonizing situation of life, any heart-rending choice, any quagmire whether personal or professional – is very simple:

Ask yourself, “What are my options here?”

Such an approach is a simple yet mind-bustingly effective way to render each complex-looking situation right back to the bare bones, and puts the emphasis squarely where it ought to be:  on what YOUR choices are.

Something about the way this question is phrased just seems to work. Instead of asking, “What should I do? Which is the best choice?”, or “How will I know what’s right?”,  Father Keenan’s simple approach keeps your attention exactly where it needs to be: On your own perspective.

I’d like to take this concept one step further and suggest that, after you’ve listed your options – all the options you could realistically take, whether you want to do them or not – that you continue to narrow it down by then asking yourself:

Which of these choices will make me feel the best?

Using this simple approach to any situation that’s got you squirming in your seat will pare it right down and lead you to the right choice – which is, of course, the choice that YOU think best.
And the coolest part?

The more often you solve your own problems for yourself in this way, the stronger and better you feel about yourself; the easier it gets to continue making up your own mind; and the more ‘in touch’ you get with your own boss and at the same you also improve your life energy.

I will stop here I hope you enjoyed reading this article on boosting your life energy. If you really did please do not forget to share it on your favorite social media.