This past January, I attended a transformational seminar and wow… it was an extraordinary experience.

I went with my dad, and we both gained profound wisdom, powerful energetic experiences, and strategies that really help make it a whole lot easier to live an awesome life with tons of energy that’s coherent with our energetic nature.

Throughout the seminar, I took a bunch of notes with the intention of sharing the wisdom with as many people as possible.

Thus, I decided to record a podcast episode on 17 extraordinary personal growth lessons I gained.

Tune in above and explore the lessons below.

1. Unless you value something, you’ll never be able to influence it/them/you.

If you can’t see someone from the lens of their world, you’ll never be able to develop rapport, which is the first step in influence.

The same is true if you don’t value your finances; you’ll never be able to influence them constructively. And if you don’t value yourself and your freedom of expression, you’ll never be able to voice up and speak your truth.

We’re all influencers, at least for our lives; yet, our lives impact the world so much more than we can imagine. When you can realize that everything you say, do, think and feel makes a difference, it calls for a higher level of responsibility, consciousness, awareness, and accountability.

2. AAA = Awareness, Acknowledgment, Acceptance.

This is the simple, powerful strategy for creating change at any moment, and how all change occurs.

Awareness is bliss. What we accept without a charge can move freely and bring us joy. It must become something else, as everything when fully experienced becomes exchangeable, fluid or transient in this energetic informational field of existence.

3. Energy is the context to all content.

Every single thing you do, thought you think, conversation, emotion, posture, idea, and anything that exists at a certain level of energy.

Here’s the funny thing: most of us are focusing on changing things at the same energetic level. Our actions change, our ideas change, our plans change, but the energy stays at the same, and we get similar results.

Focus on bringing more energy, and everything naturally changes.

4. The energy states: Energy-Poor, Neutral, Rich and Super-Rich.

Energy-poor needs more energy coming into the system. The common language for energy-poor is “I can’t” or “It won’t work” or “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.” Basically anything directly aligned with learned helplessness and choosing victimhood. At energy-poor, one takes energy from the field and others.

Energy-neutral is always associated with effort. At energy- neutral, one keeps working at something, trying to figure something out, or attempting to correct something. One creates a story for why things did not or will not work out better. There is no real progress, no moving beyond. It’s really just staying within the comfort zone.

Energy-rich has more than enough energy to sustain itself in rapidly changing situations. When energy-rich, one has enough energy to make progress, create and build teams, take on new ventures and grow them to scale.

Love, passion, joy, gratitude, triumph, focus, courage, empowerment and inspiration are naturally experienced by the energy-rich person.

Super energy-rich is an abundance of energy beyond energy rich. It’s a whole different dimension.

Think what the difference is from experiencing the victory of your favorite sports team by yourself at home compared to being at the stadium and feeling the roars of victory vibrate viscerally through your cells. This energy state involves the Spiritual Intelligences and is associated with the Calling.

5. Comfort is a slow death.

No growth, love, creativity or passion exists or thrives when we live comfortably. Your comfort zone is energy neutrality.

Growth, love, passion, and creativity all exist at energy richness.

6. Reality is nothing more than what the senses determine based on a story told over and over and over again.

In other words, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Reality is made up. The stories and meanings you create for things bind energy at a certain level.

You may be giving things meanings that give your power away, making you feel helpless. With more energy, your lens of the world changes, which means everything changes.

7. Intuition is not in the brain. Healing, transformation, and meaning are not in the body.

All the magic happens in the biofield between us and around us. In every moment we are being organized by the energetic intelligences.

How much joy or pain we experience comes down to how much energy we are contributing to the field. All healing requires a change of meaning, and the meaning is exchanged in relation to the field.

8. Meet your intimate relationships, friends, and business partners from a place of giving your gifts to the world… not suffering.

When people meet at a place of suffering and develop a relationship from there, suffering becomes the keystone for where they met from. Sure, both partners can grow beyond to a greater place, but the likelihood of that happening is slim. If anything, one person can grow beyond that state, and the other may still be clinging onto it as a means of having constancy in life.

The bottom line is when two people meet from suffering, they come from a place of scarcity. The world never became more abundant when two starving people came together to take each other’s energy.

The world became a greater place because two people came together, exchanged their gifts and created a vision to give them to the world. This is the place where you want to meet all your relationships from a place of giving your gifts to the world.

9. More people die from diagnosis and prognosis than they do from the disease. It’s the poor story you keep telling yourself that ends up killing you.

The story you tell yourself is what’s keeping you from all the joy, abundance, love, health, vitality, and passion you want.

Most cancer survivors reject the prognosis that comes from the doctor, stating they are wrong and they will kick cancer’s ass. They don’t let this story limit them from what’s possible in their life. In their case, they survived, even thrived.

10. In every moment, there’s a calling.

We’re called to people, and people are called to us. We’re called to places, and places call us. Its a knowing of what we’re meant to do.

When the mind becomes quiet enough, the calling whispers. Can you hear it?

11. How do you let go of an emotion if you’re not holding onto it?

Holding onto anger is impossible. Holding onto emotion is impossible. Emotion only lasts for seconds or minutes. What “I need to let go of anger,” really means is that “I need to bless anger.”

The purpose of anger is to go from energy-poor to neutral and to direct your thoughts,  step up, and move forward in life. It’s a necessary state-change to wake you up from your sleep temporarily. You’re not holding onto anger; it’s just the metaphor you have, the story.

12. People who say they want to make everyone happy is BS, they are just terrified of rejection.

The pleaser personality just wants to avoid rejection and confrontation. They choose to not step up in life ultimately because they don’t recognize the value in the primal emotions in life (like anger).

If this has been you lately, choose a different personality. Choose to live authentically and express authenticity in all your actions.

13. You can’t make progress if you’re managing your pain.

Managing pain is synonymous with energy neutral, the land of massive effort and no progress.

If you’re effortfully trying to manage your pain, you’ll never get better than energy neutral. Instead, choose to listen to the pain, hear the message, bless the message, and grow because of it.

All pain is there to interrupt you from your life experience so you can live coherent with your nature.

14. The four levels of pain.

The first level of pain is the pain of avoiding pain.

The second level of pain is the pain of not being able to manage your pain.

The third level of pain is feeling that you are not making progress fast enough.

The fourth level of pain is feeling like you don’t know your gifts or you’re not giving your gifts. Or even more painful, not receiving the gifts of others.

When people feel intense spiritual pain, this is what’s going on.

15. Some nuggets on Soul

The mind likes to think something is missing; it likes to keep itself busy with effort. The soul knows there’s nothing missing.

When we have a soul connection with others, we know that there’s something to be done together. We know that collectively our lives will take a greater course because we came together and contributed our gifts.

Any decision, accomplishment, or relationship made without consulting the soul is irrelevant.

Try it out for 30 days. Make all your decisions from the soul. Ask yourself, what would love do? What would love feel? What does love look like? Go with your life following with that energy.

The soul is the ultimate disruptive technology; it interrupts your life with a calling. It brings a call to adventure, the hero’s journey, whatever we want to call it. Ultimately, it disrupts the life you’ve been living, so you claim the life that’s calling you.

16. All challenges in relationships happen when we view each other as concepts.

How does somebody fall out of love? They think they know the person. They see them as a concept rather than a soul, forgetting the energetic nature of how we’re all connected.

Here’s a relationship booster: if you ever feel angry or upset with someone, look them in the eye and see them for their soul. Notice what changes and how the tension melts when you see the truth.

17. The two tiers of consciousness.

The majority of the world is operating on the first tier of consciousness.

The game goes like this: whoever can bind the most energy wins the most money, or houses, cars, relationships, sex, etc. The only way to bind energy is through force, also known as violence.

The 2nd tier of consciousness roots in unbound energy. In this tier, it’s about adding more energy and value to the field rather than binding for certainty and significance. It’s about real power, not force. It’s about making decisions from a place of knowing your decisions affect so many more people than you know.

Learn more about the 2nd tier of consciousness in this welcoming episode with Donny Epstein.

Now I want to hear from you…

Which lesson impacted you most…and why?