There is no two ways about it: we are who we ought to be.

What do we mean?

Well, there is a swell of material out there telling us who we are and who we should be – whether we agree or not. All of these thoughts are external factors though, and we need to stop listening to them.

The bottom line is that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent – now we just have to believe that for ourselves.

By projecting a confident perception of yourself to others, you can make the perception a reality and give your confidence a boost. It is not easy to stay confident, especially when confronted with a situation beyond your control, but there are a number of ways you can take control of your life and the best way to start is by consciously building your self-confidence first.

Here are 6 tips to add some pep to your step and help you feeling amazing.

1. Dress to Impress

Clothes affect how we feel when we leave the house; that last glance in the mirror before we face the rest of the world can make or break your confidence. It is a fact that no one is more critical of your appearance than yourself, so start pleasing you! Dressing to impress does not have to be expensive, it just requires your attention to think about what will make you feel good and confident when leaving the house (providing that it is clean and ironed!).

2. Walk faster

Confident people walk with a purpose. They move fast, they know where they want to go and how to get there. So if you find yourself kicking your heels as you walk along the sidewalk, pick up your pace and “walk-the-walk” – it will look like you are on an important mission (even if that mission is to buy your lunch).

3. Stand Tall 

What is the first image you want others to see? Is it slumped shoulders, arms folded to hide your stomach, eyes looking down or is it great posture, head held high and attentive eyes? Shake off that poor posture and stand tall – your body and your confidence will thank you for it. You will instantly feel more awake, in control and confident by raising your eye level to those around you and opening yourself to engagement with others. Making eye contact is nerve-racking at the beginning, but stay firm and it will become second nature in no time.

4. Habits

Nothing builds self-confidence like accomplishments, big or small. Change or incorporate a small habit in your life, such as taking the stairs instead of the escalator or eating another piece of fruit every day, and start reaping the benefits from these small achievements.

5. Stop Being Jealous

The green-eyed monster can get the better of us at times, but by getting into the habit of praising others, we can have the upper-hand. Holding negativity about ourselves often manifests into an insult or gossip about someone else, so put an end to this by complimenting people for something you like or want instead of being jealous.

6. Visualize

If you constantly engage in negative thoughts of yourself, you can bet your last dollar that your mind will believe it. Even when you are not feeling shy or nervous, get in the habit of visualizing a confident you. Think of someone you know that exudes the kind of confidence you want to project and keep consciously thinking of that confidence.

When you catch yourself putting yourself down, stop. Switch that negative to a positive and before you know it, your mind will believe that instead. Have any other confidence boosting tips? Share them below

FinerMinds Team

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