Isolated, disconnected, alone… Do any of these feelings resonate? If so, there are two quick, easy, and effective chakra opening techniques to help eliminate these negative states.

man pushing large stone up to hill Every person with a physical body has a subtle energy system. You may be familiar with the seven primary energy centers in this system, also known as chakras.

When your chakras are strong and in a state of balance, you experience ease, peace, and success. However, when your chakras are closed or weak, you struggle through life.

Therefore, by opening and strengthening each part of your subtle energy system, you’ll see your life naturally shift with it.

Which chakras have a connection to feelings of loneliness and how can you unblock them?

1. The Root Chakra (1st chakra)

Loneliness isn’t just about being alone. It’s a loss of connection, a feeling that you don’t belong.

That’s your first Chakra (also called the Root Chakra), which is tied to your feeling of connection to the earth, your community, and the human race.

An imbalance of feeling like an outsider can occur early in life. When we do not feel seen or heard for who we really are in our family, we grow up not feeling seen or heard by others.

Root chakra technique to clear away feelings of loneliness

  1. Stand on a patch of grass or dirt. Stomp your feet up and down to connect to the earth while repeating this:

    “It is my birthright to be seen and heard, as it is all human beings. I see and hear my true self. Others see and hear my true self and I see and hear the truth of others. As a rightful member of this planet, of humanity, of my culture and my family, I am connected to the wholeness of all. I am here!”

  2. Raise your hands up to the sky and pull the energy from heaven down to your feet 3–4 times, connecting fully with your body and the earth.
  3. Notice the space you occupy and thank yourself for being present and alive.

2. The Heart Chakra (4th chakra)

Feelings of loneliness can also occur when we unknowingly shut others out. This is a fourth Chakra imbalance (also called your Heart Chakra). A weak or closed Heart Chakra is the reason you can even feel lonely in a crowded room.

The cause of this imbalance is usually from past hurt or rejection. Thus, by blocking our heart energy, we believe we will keep ourselves safe.

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Heart chakra opening technique to clear away feelings of loneliness

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on heart chakra and left palm open in a receiving gesture. When you are in the presence of other people, put your attention on your Heart Chakra, in the middle of your chest. Notice if your heart feels open or closed.

A good way to know is to imagine your heart as having a breath and to ask yourself, “Is my Heart Chakra breathing, or am I holding my heart’s breath?”

You will know intuitively.

When your heart energy breathes, your energy naturally moves in and out, connecting you to others in meaningful ways. But when your heart energy is not breathing, you create static energy, which leaves you feeling lonely and makes it difficult for people to connect with you.

To get your heart breathing, follow these steps:

  1. Place the palm of your right hand on your chest and say this: “It is safe to open my heart and connect with others.”
  2. Move your hand away from your chest as far as your arm can extend, making a loop at full extension to move your hand back toward you. Then make another loop at your chest. This movement makes a sideways figure-eight shape.
  3. Do this 7-8 times.

In a public setting, you can just do figure-eight movements in your mind while repeating to yourself, “It is safe to open my heart and connect with others.

Lonely no more

Did you notice that I did not recommend that you call someone? Or send an email? Or plan a party?

Being around people will not decrease loneliness if you have not addressed your underlying energetic imbalance. In fact, being around people while your first and fourth chakras are weak may emphasize how truly lonely you feel.

Do these techniques (and any other energetic work you need) to open, balance, and strengthen your chakras. As you shift your energy, you naturally and effortlessly shift the experiences of your life out of struggle and into joy.

You can do this. You’re not alone.

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Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, and energy healer. For over 20 years, she has supported tens of thousands worldwide in understanding and living true to their energy. Her current project, The Energy Healer’s Master Course, gives individuals eye-opening tools to heal their lives and become healers themselves.