Awesomeness FestWant to know what happens when you bring together 250 of the world’s most exciting minds, stick them in a scenic and secluded environment, and have them share the most cutting edge personal growth ideas on the planet?

It begins with A and can only be described as being awesome… ok, you may have guessed it, it’s called Awesomeness Fest and is taking place again this year between November 2 to 5 in the gorgeous Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

What’s It’s All About?

Awesomeness Fest is Mindvalley’s annual not-for-profit event that involves an all-star attendee list, inspirational and transformative speakers, incredible parties and excursions (including one to the Mayan ruins in stunning Tulum!). We’ll also be throwing a Gods and Goddesses theme party on the beach…so get your costumes ready!

As an extra little treat, we’re also thrilled to announce a special free all-day workshop with Lisa Nichols (best-selling author, popular public speaker, a powerful coach and featured teacher in The Secret) – taking place on November 1. Complimentary for Awesomeness Fest attendees, this all-day workshop is valued at $997 and is developed to help you release negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that are blocking your path – to help you create a powerful shift in your mindset.

To learn more about Lisa and her path to professional and spiritual success, keep your eyes out for the two-part interview with her we’ll be publishing next week!

Want To Learn More About Awesomeness Fest?

Check out some of the other amazing speakers and attendees who are on board, or to register your interest to attend, click here.

P.S. Do you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back from becoming your best self?

The way we think about the world affects our experience in it — for good or for bad. Vishen Lakhiani’s transformational course, Consciousness Engineering, allows you to challenge any limiting beliefs you may hold. Try it out and live without limits today!

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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