Husband and wife duo David and Kristin Morelli are back! The hosts of “Everything is Energy” –  the radio show with some 60,000 listeners – have joined with another inspiring teacher of the energy world, the American Monk, Burt Goldman. You may know Burt as the octogenarian teacher of Quantum Jumping. He taught himself how to paint, play music and take award-winning photographs after his 80th year by leaping into alternate universes to talk to some of his other ‘selves’.

In this interview, David and Burt talk about the power of energy to influence everything, and how harnessing energy through Quantum Jumping can quantum-charge your life for the better.

Listen to find out
  • How learning from his different ‘selves’ existing in different, parallel universes changed Burt’s life.
  • Why tapping into those infinite universes to meet alternate selves can help you build new skills, achieve your goals and fulfill your greatest dreams.
  • The simple truth about healing yourself and others no matter what you do.
  • And a whole lot more.

Have a listen and let us know what you think about leaping universes, visiting parallel worlds and talking to yourself in other dimensions. Just click the play button to listen or you can click on the link below to download it to your computer.


Click to download the interview >>

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