Astral projectionYou might not know it but some of you may have already astral projected! Maybe while asleep or even in an intense session of meditation.

It’s all about the experience and if any of you are familiar with astral traveling, the experience can be quite the adventure. But of course, the first time can be a little scary. Especially if you don’t know what’s going on.

I came across this article written by Erin Pavlina on her first astral projection and found it pretty interesting. Check it out and let me know what you think. And please feel free to drop a comment with your own astral projection story too.

Astral Projection: My First Experience


It was January 7th, 1985. On that night something amazing, frightening, and most intriguing happened to me. It was the night I had my first astral projection.

To preface this experience you should know that I was a fairly advanced lucid dreamer. I had learned how to maintain my consciousness while asleep and in a dream. I was so good at it that I could literally pre-program a dream and have it once I was asleep. My night life was a lot of fun.

I’d been reading about astral projection and had been attempting to do it for 3 years with no success whatsoever. So it was, on this night, that it happened. It was NOTHING like I expected, which could be why I was unsuccessful for 3 years. Here’s what I experienced.

I awakened to find myself in bed with an intense tingling taking place in my body. There was a high pitched sound in my head. The tingling almost felt like an electric shock but not painful, just extremely uncomfortable. I could feel that my eyes were closed yet I could see. I was experiencing a dual consciousness that was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I could feel my body and also my “self” at the same time and they were not the same.

I felt my spirit (for lack of a better word at this point) moving slowly out of my body. It was as if the tingling electric feeling was almost driving me out. But there was something else. I sensed the presence of three others in the room. I couldn’t see them, I just knew they were there. I was so scared to be feeling this separation that I tried to move, scream, anything to break the spell. I was unsuccessful. I even felt like I was choking as I tried to make my body’s mouth scream while my entire consciousness was in my spiritual body.

I heard a voice in my head say, “Breathe through your nose. It will be easier.” Trusting this voice, I did just that, and to my horror I started moving out of my body much faster! I can’t tell you the terror of feeling yourself leave your body for the first time. It’s the most unnatural feeling you could experience while alive.

Feeling betrayed by the voice, I stopped breathing through my nose and started trying to scream again. I started moving back into my body. But another force drew me out again. My spirit was in a tug of war with me trying to get back into my body and these presences trying to pull me out.

This tugging back and forth went on for what felt like a few minutes. I heard one of the other voices say, “This isn’t going to work. She’s too frightened.” The third voice responded, “She’s got to learn one way or the other.” The first voice said to me, “It’s okay, let it happen.”

I pulled as hard as I could to get myself back into the comfort of my shell. And succeeded. I opened my body’s eyes. I could still feel the tingling. Before I could sit up I felt myself pulled back down into a “sleep” state and the tug started all over again. I sincerely thought these entities were trying to disconnect me with my body and that I would die if I left it. It was such a primal feeling.

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