A few days ago I put up a post asking all the women of FinerMinds what they would like to learn from Lisa Nichols, who’s a specialist at empowering women and creating breakthroughs. The top 3 categories that got the most votes had to do with wealth mindset, turning passion into profits, and using the Law of Attraction to effectively craft your desired lifestyle.

But I want to get a little more specific than that. So if you have any questions you’d like to ask Lisa Nichols, just drop it in a comment below.

I’ll then pass the most frequently asked questions to Lisa for the live interview. It’ll be happening November 4th 6 PM. I’ll let you guys know all the details on the blog and via email if you’re subscribed to FinerMinds.

BTW. If you haven’t seen that video of Lisa Nichols on Oprah, here it is:

She’s a rockstar and is one of the people I most respect and admire.


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