Every day we hear excuses (and make some up ourselves).

I don’t have enough money. Maybe I’m not experienced enough.I’m just unlucky. My health won’t allow it. I’ll never find true love. I don’t know what my life’s purpose is.

The list goes on but I think you’ve got the picture now.

But all those excuses mean NOTHING. That’s right, I said it. Nothing. Your life, the things you want, your desires, and living on purpose isn’t caused by any of those excuses. So what is then?

Do You Know Your Frequency?

It’s your Energetic Vibration. There are many names for it. Some call it your capacity for allowing or even your ability to receive from the universe.

What’s really cool about this is that it’s not subjective. There’s an objective scale from 1-1000 known as the Scale of Consciousness.

The higher you are on that scale, the easier and quicker your ability to manifest the life you truly desire and deserve. This is based on years of research from various scientists and doctors, such as Dr. David Hawkins and Dr. William Braud.

The average human vibrates at approximately 207. However, when you vibrate at higher levels, such as love (500), joy, and enlightenment (700+), amazing things will happen to you.

How Living At A Higher Energetic Frequency Can Change Your Life

Here are just a couple of examples of how different aspects of your life will transform as you ascend the Scale of Consciousness.

Your Love Life

At a lower Energetic Frequency:

Push away true love: In vibrations of guilt or shame, you’ll push away the love of your life from coming into your reality. Your vibrations may also push away the love that is given to you from someone already present in your life.

Tug of War: At levels of anger and/or pride, your vibration attracts a “Tug of War” relationship based on “Give or Take”. You’ll then attract drama, and fighting becomes a central part of your relationship.

At a higher Energetic Frequency:

Attract true love: You will allow the love of your life to enter into your reality, or it will further deepen the connection with the love you are with. If the one you are with is not aligned with your true self of purpose, you will joyfully attract one that is.

Generous love: A higher vibrational relationship takes on a more generous viewpoint to lovingly give, which is healthier, happier and more balanced than a “Give or Take” relationship.

Your Wealth And Abundance

At a lower Energetic Frequency:

Struggle to make ends meet: You associate struggling or being poor with nobleness and holiness. This vibration of guilt automatically shuts the flow of money to you and you attract hardship, or find it difficult to make ends meet.

More pain, but no gain: Your vibrations send out the message that there isn’t enough money to go around, and so you attract a situation where you end up working harder and harder and yet seem to move nowhere.

At a higher Energetic Frequency:

Abundance constantly flows in: The flow of money is open to you because you know that money is neither good nor bad, it’s just energy that helps you facilitate freedom, generosity and compassion.

Able to serve your life purpose: You understand that high vibrations you attach to money will serve your purpose, whereas attaching negative vibrations like fear or judgment to money will not serve your purpose. For example, Mother Teresa’s high vibrational frequency manifested millions of dollars into her reality, which she chose to give away to serve her life purpose.

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