In many cases, a non-working weekend means – even if you exclude running errands and doing the laundry – longer hours of dining, larger meal portions and some heavy or light drinking. So if your weekend consists of glorious wining and dining, here are 5 tips on how to prepare for a happier and healthier Monday to avoid worse blues.

water1.    Skip your morning coffee

Or at least, stick to keeping your drink weak by halving the amount of coffee. Resist going for a double shot. Too much caffeine will dehydrate your body and make you feel even more tired. Opt for healthier and milder sources of caffeine like green tea instead.

2.    Drink lots of water

This is especially the time to fuel your body with fluids. Those indulgent weekend treats build up toxins in your body, as such some friendly (and clean!) H2O will help to flush this out of your system. So for Monday, try drinking an additional glass or two of “sky-juice” on top of the 8 recommended glasses!


3.   Exercise

Sleep early on Sunday night and schedule an earlier wake-up time on Monday to squeeze in a workout. Whether it’s a hardcore pilates session or a stroll around the park, we assure you that you will feel more energized and more positive about the rest of the day afterwards. A good workout will help you sweat out the good, the bad and the ugly toxins and release endorphins to help start your week with a smile!

4. Nourish yourself and restore, the right way

Plan to include plenty of fruit and vegetables in Monday’s meals; they’re the perfect rebound for your body after a long Saturday night out and a gluttonous Sunday. Also try to balance the levels of probiotics in your stomach to aid digestion (and metabolism of alcohol!); have a squeeze of lemon in a tall glass of warm water, followed by some live yogurt, fresh fruit and some poached eggs on rye bread for breakfast. Oh and don’t forget to take some healthy snacks to munch on during the day (as we all know that a chocolate snack at 4pm on a Monday seems like a really, really good idea!).

5.   Breathe and organize to reduce stress

monday bluesDespite going through 52 of them every year, Mondays still continue to overwhelm us as we suddenly transit from leisure to labor, faced with a weeklong worth of meetings, tasks and expectations. Create a 5-day plan, list your to-dos in order of priority and don’t be too ambitious – leave room for changes along the way. Putting things down into a planner or a list will give you the headspace to calmly structure a manageable work load for the week. Also – don’t forget to start Monday with a good long breath!

What do you do to get over a heavy weekend of eating and/or partying? How do you start your week positive after a long, indulgent weekend? Share your tips and stories with us and together Monday will no longer be blue nor manic :)


FinerMinds Team

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