You worry. All the time.

There’s no way you’ll make it through the interview without hyperventilating. Your body’s a lumpy mess. The gym membership didn’t inspire your muscles as much as you thought. Plus, you’re quite seriously considering botox because the face just isn’t listening to your anti-aging, super powerful, extra lifting (extra expensive) serum anymore.

The situation is rough. Giving yourself an early birthday present of long term sedation in a mental clinic is a definite possibility.

Before you call the men in white coats, consider this: there’s actually one simple solution that can fix all these problems. Truly. You can totally blow up your fears, fall in love with your bod, and shine with eternal beauty — without any medical intervention.

The One Simple Key

So, what’s this one simple trick? Reprogram your subconscious mind. In other words, get a grip on your mindset.

But, but, but — this isn’t the magic bean love potion cure all in a shiny tube you wanted, right?

I know.

But it’s the only thing that will yield genuine, lasting results – and honestly, your average magic bean has an expiry date anyway.

This stuff is everlasting.

William James, the father of American psychology said, “The power to move the world is found in your subconscious mind.”

And it is. It’s the key to developing confidence, self love, positive body image, and overcoming your limiting beliefs (just to name a few).

When you take control of your mindset, you will automatically begin to see yourself differently. You will begin to experience the world in an entirely new way, because you will be choosing what sort of reaction you have to any given outcome – even the unexpected or unpleasant ones.

There’s an eternal pen scribbling away in your subconscious mind, taking note of everything you’ve ever done, known, or thought. You accept a lot of what comes your way without thinking. Many habits and patterns in your life are formed without your consent. We accept all these limiting beliefs without realizing that we can change the narrative at any moment. But the pen is always poised — and if you don’t take control of your story, the world will.

When you become the author of your own story, all other books become irrelevant. Suddenly you are curating every moment of your life with purpose, and you enter what Steve Jobs referred to as the “reality distortion field”- meaning that you no longer rely on the external influences or happenstance to decide whether you’re stressed out by an upcoming interview. No one gets to tell you that your tummy isn’t flat enough anymore. You can literally decide to capture and radiate the beauty you’ve been longing for. You are the author of your own reality.
Beauty secret

Mindset. It all relies entirely upon the story you tell yourself — or allow yourself to be told.

Your brain is on a single track that has been determined by years of programming. It will continue along that trajectory unless you consciously interfere and lay out a new pathway for it to follow. It’s not enough to simply point in a vague direction and hope; you have to lay each piece of track down with purpose.

Visionary and motivational speaker Jake Ducey says, “The results in your life are the direct result of unconscious programming. You can change that by creating a new vision.”

To be clear:
How do we master our fears? Change our mindset.
How do we learn to love our bodies? Change our mindset.
How do we glow with radiant beauty? Change our mindset.


Understanding How the Subconscious Mind Works

Before you can change your subconscious programming, it’s important to understand how it all works.

Let’s break it down a bit. There are three factors that influence your subconscious mindset:

External programming: What you’ve been exposed to and what continue to influence you.
Emotional connection: The thoughts that evoke an emotional response in mind and body.
Repetition: Action or thought that is sustained for an extended period of time or on an ongoing basis.

These factors directly influence the nervous system. Your nervous system sends out hormones and chemical signals which will create feelings that may manifest in mental or physical ways. These feelings produce and influence emotions, which ultimately dictate your reactions. This in turn forms patterns and develops into behavior. Over time, this behavior yields the results that make up your life story.

How to Reprogram the Subconscious Mind

Using these three factors, you can easily create a template that speaks directly to the subconscious. You can interrupt the auto pilot system that racks you with fear, belittles you with self doubt, and keeps you in a state of insecurity by hacking into the one key element that controls all these things — your mindset.

So, how do we take turn this mindset hacking template into a fear mastering, body loving, beauty maximizing beast?

External Programming

  1. Observe the external influences that are constantly informing you. Do you have toxic friends or a stressful work environment? Are you forming destructive reliance on deceptive social media feeds? Do you read depressing news headlines the moment you wake up?These factors have a direct line into your subconscious mind, and wield the power to plant powerful seeds of pessimism into vulnerable soil.
  2. Customize your external influences as much as you can. It’s not always possible to extricate ourselves entirely, but minimization of negative forces is crucial. Walk away from office gossip. Keep social media exposure to a minimum. Set healthy boundaries for friends and family. Unsubscribe from extreme exercise blogs.Every single experience has the power to impact your mindset. Choose carefully, cultivate consciously, and be prepared to take action from the moment you put your headphones on or catch a bus for your next appointment.

Emotional Connection

  1. The vast majority of our emotional energy is spent worrying, obsessing over the inevitable frown lines and possible break-ups. Take time to notice where your emotional energy is being spent. What sets your pulse racing and prickles your upper lip with sweat? What are your immediate reactions? Can you pinpoint where they came from?Without judgement, observe yourself. Take notes and start to unravel what moves you.
  2. Even if you can’t get to the bottom of why you may be feeling a certain way, turn your observations into an emotional map.You know where are are, but where do you want to be instead? Where are you going? What would you rather spend precious heart beats being emotionally stimulated by? Do you always criticize your skin when you look in the mirror? Does this make you feel depressed and self conscious for the rest of the day? This is the perfect place to start. Take this negative thought and create a phrase that really inspires you. I have beautiful, radiant, youthful skin and I feel empowered when I see my reflection.
  3. Now, internalize this affirmation and turn it into your vision. See yourself radiantly beautiful, with youthful skin. Imagery is your brain’s currency. When you start to create a new vision for yourself and begin to train your focus on seeing yourself the way you want to be seen, your brain understands and accepts this. Not only that, but it begins to form an attachment to that image. You then have an emotional response which begins to rewire your thoughts, and actions. You will gradually gravitate towards a genuinely positive outlook.


  1. What are the dominating thoughts in your mind? I’m too scared. I’m not good enough. I’m not thin enough. My eyebrows are lopsided.You have tens of thousands of thoughts every single day – a vast majority of them will be unconsciously critical or negative. These gloomy reflections perpetuate your feelings of anxiety or inadequacy dozens or even hundreds of times a day – without you even noticing! Over time, their campaign gains a strong foothold in your subconscious mind – and you will believe them, regardless of whether or not they are true. You accept that you’ll never pass the test, find a loving partner, or reach your fitness goals.
  2. You can overpower these harmful mantras by mindfully creating a new vision for yourself with constant reinforcement. Your thighs don’t have a mind of their own; they are not physically restraining you from asking that guy out on a date.Your subconscious mind has been repeating self-defeating messages for years, and therefore the concept bears significance. Turn the tables and change the dialogue in your mind with persistent positivity.
  3. Cement the emotionally connected and visually empowered affirmation you’ve created into a mindset molding super tool by turning it into a daily practice. Repeat it hundreds of times a day. Circumvent any negative thought you have by repeating your mantra and connecting to that vision.Consistency is key. Your mindset will be developed upon this foundation of constant exposure. Your dominating suggestions create the dominating emotions that control your thoughts and actions. This will eventually become your reality.


A Final Thought

You don’t have to hang around and watch the same old stories play out time and again. You get to choose to see yourself differently. You get to choose to see everything differently.

You get to choose to master your fears.

You get to choose to to love your body.

You get to choose to glow with radiant beauty.

T. Harv Eker says, “Reality is personal.” Which means it’s entirely up to you. Every detail.

Be well.

Anna Maiden

Anna Maiden

Anna Maiden is a body image advocate, confidence champion and freelance writer with a background in make-up artistry. Develop ultimate body confidence and unshakable self love with her free hypnosis downloads, share your story and employ her words at and get juicy on Twitterand Facebook.

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