Pain and challenges are part of life’s experience. People always wonder what the meaning of life is, and as Alan Watts, a philosopher, put it; “if there were meaning in life, it would be to live it’.

Life can neither be all good nor all bad. The essence of all of it is always to see the good regardless of how low we are in life. So, if you are at a low point and imagining that it can get lower, you need to change your perspective and see the silver lining in the dark cloud.

Here are 9 ways to motivate yourself and thrive after a dull moment.

1. Ignore the obstacles

Do not give your obstacles authority to destroy you. Remember that challenges are merely illusions that are there to tempt you to give up on your dreams.

So, who put them there? You did, and it’s only you who can remove them. Life is a game, and nobody can play it for you. You might not like what’s going on now, but the decision to win or lose lies in your hands.

The funny thing is that everyone has a burden to handle. If you feel that life is unfair, there is a chance it is, but people out there have had bigger issues that they overcame.

Feeling broke and poor? Many people out there were born in poor backgrounds and are now millionaires. Are you unwell and feeling low about it? Several athletes lost both legs and still won championships.

See? Obstacles are part of life, and everyone has them. To be successful, you should either discount them or ignore them entirely.

2. Have an appreciative spirit

A joyful heart breeds a happy soul. There are many things you are going to dislike in this journey called life. However, you should take the time to look for something good in the things you hate and be grateful for that.

When you appreciate everything that’s around you, you generate value from an experience that wouldn’t have provided any. This will keep you inspired and motivated.

To strengthen your appreciation muscles, make sure you note down at least one thing that you are happy to have experienced during the day. Throw the notes in a box and read them periodically, probably once a month. You will realize that there is so much positivity around you that you barely notice.

3. Surround yourself with motivated people

As the adage goes, you are the sum of your five closest friends. Who do you relate with? Are they pessimists or optimists? Are they courageous? Do they go at life boldly or with cowardice?

Positivity and negativity are contagious. Take an unbiased look at your friends. Do they pull you down or push you up? Do they ever advise you to take a break when things are tough?

You will have an easy time staying motivated if the people around you are like-minded and also want to continue striving and never giving up. If your friends are not as motivated as you are, you had better find someone who you can rely on. You do not have to leave your less motivated friends, but you can reduce the time you spend with them. Also, try motivating them too.

4. Be the voice of more

Never allow the sound of less overcome you. Continue reminding yourself that you deserve more and that you are worth more. Whenever that faint voice tries to convince you that you cannot amount to anything, make sure that your courage is loud enough to condemn it.

Remember that every day is a blessing and you should treat it as such. Yes, you just fell short, but that doesn’t mean that your life is over. The past should always be left behind, and you need to pick up a positive spirit moving forward.

5. Exercise daily

When Richard Branson was asked how he managed to build his multi-billion dollar empire, his reply was working out. Research has established that when people start working out, they start improving their habits. They complete work on time, eat better and are patient in their relationships.

Regular exercising is the best way of increasing motivation and building confidence. Commit to an exercise routine. Find workout buddies or subscribe to a gym package. Have a clear target and aim towards achieving it.

6. Be clear on what you wish to achieve

Without clarity, the conscious brain is usually confused about the choices to make. When it is unsure of what to do, it will not do anything.

There are many ways of attaining a particular goal and people are more inclined to the least demanding route. Laziness is built-in the human nature.

Take time to create a clear purpose, vision, goals, and missions. Know what you want, why you want it and how you will get it. Do not set an ambiguous goal like, “I want more money.” How much do you desire and by when should you have it?

A well set out goal will keep you motivated.

7. Practice meditation

Meditation is like an exercise regimen for the brain. It works on the conscious parts of the brain and lessens activity on the emotional elements that are out of your control.  Meditation will enable your mind to be in silence even amidst the chaos that life presents.

In the beginning, practicing it might be different especially if you are conditioned to constant distractions.

So, start by meditating for ten minutes every day and increase the time as you get used to the practice. Keep your eyes closed the entire time then breathe in and out and then focus on your brain. If your mind wanders, do not worry, this is expected at first.

After a few weeks of meditating, you will notice evident changes in your life.

8. Hack motivation with nootropics

You could be having the ability to do all it takes, but it is your level of motivation that matters. Motivation only comes from within, and the brain chemicals play an important role.

Whether you need to overcome procrastination, are suffering from depression or you feel burned out frequently, taking supplements to increase motivation is recommended.

Nootropics belong to a class of supplements that are designed to enhance cognitive function. Some of these compounds are known to increase mental vitality, increase energy and improve mood. They can cross the blood-mind barrier and enter the central nervous system; thus modulating the levels and functions of various neurotransmitters. They leave the brain with a high supply of energy and increased blood flow. All these things have an overall effect of increased motivation.

9. Remember that you fail only if you give up

You are likely to encounter several instances of failure, but remember this; regardless of how much it hurts or how hard it knocks you down, you only fail if you give up.

Here’s the thing, if life throws bricks at you, do not take them. Life rarely gives you anything – it’s humans who have given life all it’s got. So, you had better give it your all so that you can reap well.

If you still have trouble staying motivated after trying the ideas above, make sure you are pursuing a rewarding course. Working on something you adore is the best way to keep your spirits on the high even after challenges hit you hard. Stay focused on your goals and do not allow problems to strike you.

Anna Short

Anna Short

Anna Short writes for several health and fitness publications with a specific interest in fitness and brain health. She also works with few organizations to provide families with the best resources for raising and educating a special needs child. When not working, she’s spending time with her family and friends or putting pen to paper for her own personal pursuits.

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